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Dec 08, 2022

Icon-Driven Clinical Care System

Aged care staff can evidence all aspects of care in real-time using our icon-driven Clinical Care System. From creating and managing person-centred care plans to risk assessments, charts, and much more, this system reduces time spent on paperwork, giving staff more time to spend with residents and improving the quality of care for residents.


  • Evidence care in real-time: an efficient and person-centred way of creating progress notes. 
  • Easily overcome language barriers: icon-driven interface suitable for staff with English as a second language. 
  • Save aged care workers time: enables nurses, aged care workers and home managers to provide better care by giving them one hour back each day.  
  • Access information instantly: no more waiting! 
  • Improve transparency: Gives managers complete oversight of care through live monitoring.
  • Improve staff retention: provide an easy-to-use system that makes their work less stressful. 
December 8, 2022

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