Driving Outstanding Care

About us

Person Centred Software was started in 2013 with the objective of helping to improve standards in social care

Person Centred Software is a unique solution for Aged Care Providers who value the integrity and individuality of each of their residents and the dedication and contribution of their workforce.

We are on a mission to drive outstanding care for some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Our person centred approach is consistent throughout our products, our service and our company.

With dedicated training and support teams, we strive for constant improvement, transparency and ongoing support. We continue to put the resident at the centre of everything we do.

Revolutionising Care

Embracing innovation for better consumer directed care

The Australian Residential Aged Care sector has long been at the forefront of adopting new technologies and innovations to improve and adapt their systems.  

With a shift towards consumer directed care and consumer choice, Person Centred Software aims to support providers ability to practise a more ‘person centred’ approach without having to compromise on their ability to evidence and document care.  

We will continue to develop our products to support our providers in fulfilling their requirements and believe a person centred approach, highly informed data driven decision making and innovating clinical documentation processes will pave the way forward. 

Person Centred Software Australia has consulted with industry leaders, partnered with ‘best in breed’ industry product organisations and participated in university studies to continuously strive to deliver better outcomes to the Australian Residential Aged Care sector. 

Our Objectives

  • The primary objective has to be to improve the quality of life for everyone being cared for, but we believe this should extend to the people providing the care as well
  • Comprehensive clinical documentation is no doubt an integral and necessary part of a healthy functioning Residential Aged Care Facility, we aim to facilitate the collection of this documentation whilst simultaneously making it simpler to evidence care. Meaning carers can spend less time on documentation and more time on what they do best, care for their residents
  • We put your residents are at the centre of everything we do. So we measure their happiness, making it the core of the product we provide

Our Products

  • Our products are designed to be in the hands of the carers, rather than in a nursing station or office
  • The system is easy to use, fast, and icon drove with limited need for typing
  • Allied with ease of use is the system’s communication capabilities; up, down and across an organisation
  • Carer to nurse communication happens with automated escalation of important care interventions; nurse to carer communication with care plans, planned care routines and shift handover notes; carer-to-carer communication with service user preferences, flags for overdue care, and happiness indicators
  • We have also extended the system’s communication capabilities to include a service user’s social network. This allows everyone involved with a service user’s life – family, friends and additional care providers – to engage with their care

All this added together makes a unique solution to a very simple objective: to improve the life of everyone involved in aged care

Our Team

Tammy Sherwood


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Customer Support

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Customer Support

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Clinical Manager

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Operations Manager

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Product Manager

Wendy Pankhurst

Implementation & Training Coordinator

Liz Broadstock

Implementation & Training Coordinator

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Product Manager

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Head of International Marketing

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Marketing Manager

Our Awards

ITAC 2022 Award Logo
Future of aging 2022 V2
Eldercare award 2022