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Easily manage your retirement village operations in the palm of your hands! 

Loved by village managers and staff across Australia, our app-based solution simplifies your village communications, lifestyle activities, maintenance, customer feedback and much more, all under one platform. 

PCS Time saving

Time Saving

Give village staff their time back to provide quality service instead of doing admin tasks

PCS Number one choice

Greater Transparency

All village information and
content in one centralised
place for management to view

PCS Staff retention

Improves staff retention

Reduction in staff turnover by
providing a digital system that
makes their work less stressful

Introducing our

Retirement Village Management Software

A simplified way of tracking residents and property information, tracking your sales and occupancy, managing your maintenance & assets, improving the overall quality of life in your community through our easy-to-use feedback, survey, and quality improvement tools, monitoring visitors within your village, and much more. 

We built this solution to allow village managers to focus on what is important - building a vibrant community! 

Discover the real benefits of choosing our

Retirement Village Software

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PCS App Use
Instant access to information:

No more waiting around!

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Single source of truth:

A centralised platform to store all village and resident information in one place. 

PCS Compliance manager
Easy to implement and onboard:

Staff can use it straight away after training!

Australian-based team covering support, development & technical aspects:

All designed to ensure you gain the best experience from your investment.

A wide range of features within our Retirement Village Management Software:

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