Care Delivery App

Icon-driven, cost-effective and designed to give carers
more time with residents doing the things they enjoy.

Care Delivery App

Used by carers to evidence care at the point of delivery.

Our icon-driven Care Delivery App is designed to give carers more time with residents doing the things they enjoy and less time on administration. 

The Care Delivery App, an element of the Clinical Care Planning System for carers, lets care staff record progress notes that automatically update charts, reports, care plans and many other features in real-time throughout the clinical care management system. 


Designed to be in the hands of carers rather than being tied to a PC, laptop or tablet, our Care Delivery App is easy to use, lightweight, fast, and icon-driven with little need for typing. Carers can quickly record progress notes at the point of care with icons, which are central to the Care Delivery App's design and allow carers to record progress notes quickly and accurately, leading to more progress notes recorded and more time with residents. 

With pre-populated progress notes and an icon-driven interface, medical records and progress notes are kept up to date easily and accurately. As a result, aged care providers using the Care Delivery App can work more efficiently and add and update resident progress notes in just a few clicks. Furthermore, there is no risk of losing information as data is recorded in one central portal, which can be viewed anytime by anyone with access.  

The benefits of using the Care Delivery App for carers

  • Can be used by everyone (even if English is not your first language, you have dyslexia, or you've never used a smartphone before)
  • Gives carers more time to care 
  • Easy to use
  • Increases staff morale and retention
  • Increases the volume of care records
  • A wealth of information at your fingertips 
  • Enables staff to be responsive
  • Secure login and system
  • Works offline
  • Evidence care in real-time
  • Improves communication
  • Saves time on documentation and writing care notes 
  • Improves accuracy and the number of care notes being recorded 

On average, care providers using the Care Delivery App evidence over 50 quality progress notes per resident per day, which is impossible on paper and many other systems.  

The Care Delivery App supports the new royal commission mandate where residents of aged care homes are to receive on average about 200 minutes of care time per day per resident. The mobile app will enable your home to track care time minutes simply and in real-time to be compliant. Read more about the mandate here. 

What care providers are saying about the Care Delivery App

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The handheld devices used by our staff to evidence care are now done quickly and efficiently, giving our team more time to spend with residents. In addition, evidencing care notes are made in real-time, so our staff are now logging a lot more interactions than they were before.

Naynima 1x1
Bien Stirling
Director of Nursing and Facility Manager, Nanyima
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It's straightforward to use, and the icon-driven interface is excellent for our non-IT literate and dyslexic care workers as well as care workers from CALD backgrounds with limited English proficiency; multilingual capability is essential for us.

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Ada Cheng
CEO of Australian Nursing Home Foundation
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The main benefit of using the Care Delivery App we’ve found is that our staff can spend more time on direct care with the residents. We have noticed that we are recording more – it’s now so easy to see residents’ observations, blood pressures, weight loss, matrix of falls, and so on.

Adina 1x1
Sue Mcglynn
Deputy Director of Nursing, Adina Care
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With the Care Delivery App, all staff can monitor care and update throughout the day. Using Person Centred Software has saved us about 30 minutes of reporting time per day, per employee – meaning we can spend more time with residents, whilst implementing and monitoring care.

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Wayne Stoddard
Group Manager, Southern Cross Care