Care Delivery App

An icon-driven, cost-effective care app designed to give carers 

more time with residents doing the things they enjoy 

Over 68,000 carers across the UK are using our care app to evidence care as it happens

Helping to put person-centred care into practice 

Our innovative and user-friendly app for care workers is designed to simplify daily tasks and minimise time spent on administrative duties, helping carers provide better care and allowing more time to be spent with residents, engaging them in activities they enjoy.


What is the Care Delivery App? 

The Care Delivery App, an element of the digital social care record system, mCare, enables care staff to record care notes, which automatically update charts, reports, care plans and many other features in real-time throughout the system's central portal, which can be viewed anytime by anyone with access.   

Why choose our Care Delivery App? 

Designed to be in the hands of carers rather than being tied to a PC, laptop or tablet, the Care Delivery App is easy to use, lightweight, fast, and icon-driven with little need for typing. Carers can quickly record care notes at the point of care with icons, which are central to the care app's design and allow carers to record care notes quickly and accurately, leading to more care notes recorded and more time with residents.  

With pre-populated care notes and an icon-driven interface, medical records and care notes are kept up to date easily and accurately. As a result, care providers using the care app can work more efficiently and add and update resident care notes in just a few clicks.  

Furthermore, there is no risk of losing information as data is recorded in one central portal, which can be viewed anytime by anyone with access.   

What are the benefits of using the Care Delivery App for carers?

  • Can be used by everyone (even if English is not your first language, you have dyslexia, or you've never used a smartphone before)
  • Gives carers more time to care 
  • Easy to use
  • Increases staff morale and retention
  • Increases the volume of care records
  • A wealth of information at your fingertips 
  • GDPR compliant  
  • Enables staff to be responsive
  • Secure login and system
  • Works offline
  • Evidence care in real-time
  • Improves communication
  • Saves time on documentation and writing care notes 
  • Improves accuracy and the number of care notes being recorded  

On average, care providers using the app record over 50 quality care notes per resident per day, which is impossible on paper and many other systems; 94% of CQC-inspected homes using the care app are rated as good or outstanding!  

Here's an example of how the Care Delivery App has helped Minster Grange Care Home

Having used the Care Delivery App for many years, Alison Redhead, Registered Manager at Minster Grange Care Home, explains why her decision to switch to a digital social care record system was worth every penny. 

This revolutionary app is causing a lot of buzz in the social care sector! See what else care providers are saying about the Care Delivery App

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The Care Delivery App has massively improved the safety of new admissions and alerted care workers of our residents' care needs. In addition, the system's icon-based interface is amazing and helps staff document care much faster.

Amuica 1x1
Jo-Ann Liptrott
Care Home Manager, Haslingden Hall (Amicura) 
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I love it; it's quicker and easier, and you can't lose paperwork. You can click the icons, and it writes the care note for you.

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Toni Hanchant
Senior Support worker, The Arbory Residential Home 
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The Care Delivery App is really easy to use, and our staff love it, especially because the handheld device allows carers to record the care using icons and voice recognition as they go through the day. They're so pleased they no longer have to sit behind a computer for a long time at the end of the day, trying to remember what they've done. This has been a huge change for our care staff, and as a result, we've seen an uplift in the documentation. Our carers now acquire about 50 care notes per day per resident, whereas they used to acquire only about 5.

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Ernie Graham
Owner of Graham Care
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As the Care Delivery App is icon-based and easy to use, staff save time on documentation, so they have more time to care. Using the Care Delivery App has greatly improved the accuracy of our records. We now have detailed records and can prove everything we do for our residents.

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Adrian Hendry
Director, Avondale Care Scotland