Care planning

What is Care Planning?

Care planning allows care providers to understand why a resident is receiving care, the resident's medical history, preferences and personal details. It also provides vital information to care staff to help them provide the best possible care, support and treatment, helping to improve residents' safety and quality of life.

An effective care planning process meets both the social and medical needs of the people you support. Creating comprehensive person-centred care plans through a digital care planning system allows care providers to access residents’ preferences and important information at the point of care through the care app, when and where it’s needed. 

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The benefits of Care Planning using Person Centred Software’s system

  • Accessible at all times
  • Person-centred care plans
  • Information feeds in automatically
  • Incorporates body maps and wound care
  • Provides secure digital access 
  • Holistic assessments
  • Industry acknowledged tools
  • Automatic review alerts
  • Monitor effectiveness of care plans
  • Track consistent care needs 

The benefits of digital care planning in health and social care is an important topic and currently widely discussed in the care sector due to the governments aim for all CQC-registered adult social care providers to have access to a Digital Social Care Record by 2024.