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Accidents and Incidents

Quickly flag Accidents and Incidents at the point of care

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PCS Incidents

What does the Accidents and Incidents feature do?    

Identifying trends with our Accidents and Incidents feature enables carers to take action to eliminate or reduce the cause of those events.    

This feature also enables carers to:   

  • Raise care notes as an accident and incident at the point of care   
  • Manage accident and incident forms to ensure follow-up actions are completed and signed off by the manager   
  • Review accident and incident reports and charts to view a recorded history of accidents and incidents    

What are the benefits of the Accidents and Incidents feature?

  • Allows carers to raise accidents and incidents at the point of care and not have to enter the details at a later date   
  • Enables managers to review accidents and incidents recorded and plan to follow up actions   

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