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Body Map

Effectively manage wounds and infections with the Body Map


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PCS Body Map

How does the Body Map
feature work?   

Body Maps accurately reference which part of the body is undergoing treatment or experiencing a condition.   

The Body Map feature lets carers create and review skin integrity, wound, and infection records to track progress and ensure the appropriate treatment is being administered. Carers can track the progress of a wound or infection record to treat it quickly; they can also provide evidence of treatment to medical professionals and ensure all staff are aware of existing or new conditions, so they know how to respond appropriately. 

What are the benefits of body mapping?

  • Record and track residents’ health issues  
  • Upload wound photos directly to the resident’s care notes  
  • Helps to paint a clear picture of a condition, its progress and treatment  
  • Enables carers to have an accurate description of the type of care needed 

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