Person centred care planning 

Person-Centred Interactions

Truly personalised care with person-centred interactions 

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PCS Person Centred Interactions

What does the Person-Centred Interactions feature do?  

Care interactions throughout the Clinical Care System are centred around the person you are caring for. Features such as 'Who I Am' and 'Plan Care Day' enable care workers to focus on how the individual likes to be treated and the care they need.   

What are the benefits of the Person-Centred Interactions feature for carers? 

  • Get to truly understand how your residents like to be cared for and who they are as individuals    
  • Gives carers the information they need at their fingertips to enable them to provide person-centred care    
  • Helps part-time workers and agency staff to get to know all the residents quickly   

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