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Aug 12, 2020

How aged care facilities are saving vital hours through innovative technology

Person Centred Software has joined forces with Best Health Solutions to integrate their systems and save staff in aged care facilities an hour a day in admin time by going paperless.

Person Cented Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring system, which allows staff to digitally plan, record and monitor the care of residents in real-time, has been integrated with Best Health Solutions’ cloud-based BESTmed software to maximise time-saving through the automation of admin tasks.

The integration works by allowing staff to record the delivery of medication through BESTmed, which in turn is automatically stored in the Mobile Care Monitoring system, taking away the need to enter data twice.

Discussions to integrate the two products to help the care sector began almost two years ago, with the new best-in-breed partnership now paying dividends for staff in aged care facilities across Australia.

Tammy Sherwood, CEO of Person Centred Software Australia, said: “The whole idea was to create a solution where people in care environments can maximise efficiency, thus freeing up valuable time to spend with residents. We hope that, as other aged care facilities across Australia recognise the benefits, we’ll start to see more and more time saving improvements throughout the sector.”

Nass Hijazi, CEO of Best Health Solutions, said: “This best-in-breed solution allows the two systems to communicate with each other, making monitoring and recording a swift, streamlined process. The integration offers the best outcome for both staff and residents in aged care facilities, saving time for true person-centred care - aligning with our philosophies.”

Best Health Solutions is an Australian leader in end-to-end medication management solutions, assisting organisations to increase patient safety and realise efficiency through technology innovation. Its BESTmed solution brings the care facility, prescriber and the pharmacy on a single, easy-to-use platform with one resident record.

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August 12, 2020

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