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Dec 07, 2020

Person Centred Software uniting families separated by distance and COVID-19 this Christmas

Care homes across Australia are making the most of a software that connects families all over the world this Christmas time, as restrictions on visits and international travel remain in place.

Helping families to keep in touch with loved ones in care, Person Centred Software’s Relatives Gateway has seen a surge in usage during recent months, with users praising the software for offering a vital lifeline throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Unable to physically visit loved ones in care, relatives from as far away as the USA, Italy and the United Kingdom, have instead relied on the gateway to keep in touch and check in with each other.

Now, with international border closures still threatening to keep families physically apart this festive period and potentially contributing to feelings of loneliness, homes are being encouraged to further embrace digital solutions that can help facilitate communication between residents and their loved ones, regardless of their locations.

The Relatives Gateway, which is currently being used by 80 aged care homes in Australia, provides a secure platform for messages and photos to be exchanged between residents and their family members. A video link add-on to the software further connects families by enabling face-to-face communication through video call, whilst access to a resident’s care plan provides reassurance around their wellbeing by showing what care interactions have taken place and when.

By using the Relatives Gateway this Christmas, aged care facilities will be encouraged to involve residents in their family’s traditional Yuletide activities, virtually. Whether it be by sending photo and video updates throughout the day, or possibly even dialling residents into their family’s Christmas dinner, Person Centred Software hopes that facilities will embrace the opportunity to connect residents with their relatives in an even more meaningful way this year.

One home that will be using the Relatives Gateway to enhance its residents' Christmas this year, is the Alexander Aged Care Centre in Sydney. Mariola Suwart, Director of Nursing at the Centre, said: “We have been using the Relatives Gateway since May and it’s a great tool for keeping residents in touch with their family members - no matter where in the world they are. As well as throughout Australia, we have relatives in Italy, America and the United Kingdom, all of whom have access to the platform and who use it regularly to communicate with their loved ones in our facility. It has been, and continues to be, very valuable, particularly at this extraordinary time.”

Tammy Sherwood, CEO of Person Centred Software Australia, said: “Christmas is a time for togetherness and the sharing of magical experiences with family. Sadly though, COVID-19 will continue to make it difficult for families to get together this year, with restrictions remaining in place on international travel..

We’re delighted to hear from customers that our software has been helpful in uniting families separated by distance and COVID-19, and we hope that homes will continue to make the most of the digital solutions available to them, in order to keep residents connected with their relatives throughout the festive period and into the New Year.”

See our page for more information on Person Centred Software’s Relatives Gateway

December 7, 2020

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