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Feb 01, 2024

Resident Engagement: A Smooth Transition to Technology

Implementing technology in retirement villages is a significant step towards improving the customer experience and empowering choice. However, ensuring a smooth transition and encouraging resident buy-in requires effective communication and resident engagement strategies.  
resident engagement
In this blog, we share our top tips for engaging residents during the process of adopting new technologies to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed.  
1. Informative Flyer & CEO/Executive Message 
Kickstart the communication process by distributing an informative flyer accompanied by a message from the CEO or Executive. Highlight the benefits of the technology for the organisation, staff teams, and residents. Clearly outline the short-term, medium-term, and long-term impact.  
Emphasise the key features and introduce the concept of resident champions who can become specialists in using the technology and assist fellow residents. Provide a sign-up mechanism for residents interested in becoming champions. 
2. Information Sessions 
To enhance understanding and resident engagement, organise information sessions to familiarise residents with the technology you are implementing. Conduct demonstrations, address questions, and offer hands-on guidance to ensure everyone feels comfortable using the new system. 
3. Access Grants for Training 
Research and explore grants available to support technology implementation and training. These grants can provide valuable educational resources to aid in the training of residents and ensure a successful transition to using the new technology. Some grants may be provided by government agencies, non-profit organisations, or technology companies looking to promote digital literacy among seniors. 
4. Resident Champions 
Empower resident champions with specialised training to help them be able to provide one-on-one sessions to other residents. It is important to recognise that residents may have varying levels of familiarity with technology, and personalised guidance can boost their confidence in using new technologies. 
5. Residents 
Offer a step-by-step guide for residents on using the new technology. It can be in the form of a video or a printed booklet, whichever residents would feel comfortable using to aid their learning. Provide clear instructions and visuals to ensure a smooth onboarding process to help with resident engagement.
6. Celebrate Successful Milestones 
Acknowledge and celebrate residents who successfully transition to using the technology. Consider highlighting their positive experiences in community publications or during community events to inspire others. Celebrate milestones like 50% engagement, 75% engagement, and 100% engagement with morning teas, barbecues, or mentions in communications and newsletters.  
7. Offer Regular Updates 
Keep residents informed and engaged by providing useful tips in regular communication channels. This ongoing information about the newly implemented technology can enhance their experience and address any evolving needs. 

Implementing these resident engagement strategies will foster a sense of community and make the adoption of new technologies a positive and empowering experience for all residents. 

At Person Centred Software we take resident engagement seriously, part of our implementation planning is to walk alongside you to implement appropriate strategies to support both village teams and residents to engage and embrace technology.   

Embrace the future and unlock the potential of technology in your retirement villages by discovering our Retirement Living Software that enhances resident engagement in your community! 

February 1, 2024

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