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Jul 10, 2020

Saving Australian Carers up to 180,000 working minutes per day


Statistics from a leading technology provider suggest carers across Australia are saving up to 180,000 minutes a day in performing time-consuming administrative tasks thanks to their Mobile Care Monitoring system – a benefit that enables more focus on delivering exceptional care instead.

Widely used throughout the global care industry, Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring software has been developed from over 20 years’ experience in care. Designed to be in the hands of the carers, it is focused on improving the lives of residents and care staff by replacing time consuming paper-based and traditional clinical software systems with a mobile means of documenting care given.

When installed onto a mobile device, records can be updated by staff in real-time and at the point of delivery, saving them up to an hour per day spent on clinical documentation, enabling them to spend more time with residents, engaging in direct resident care.

Tammy Sherwood, CEO of Person Centred Software Australia, reveals: “Our software is used in 70 aged care facilities throughout Australia, with around 3,000 carers logging on each day to electronically  document the care they’ve delivered.”

“Statistics suggest the software saves each carer at least 60 minutes per day – time that was previously spent completing paperwork and carrying out other time-consuming administrative tasks. Across Australia, we calculate our software saves carers a total of 180,000 minutes every day. A remarkable stat, especially because this time can be re-invested in taking care of residents,” Tammy continues.

As well as time-saving benefits for care staff, a recent report submitted to the Royal Commission revealed that sites using Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring software have seen a reduction in the total number of critical incidents since implementation.

Customers also accredit improvements in their working practices to their use of the software, with many reporting better teamwork through care staff having immediate visibility and accountability of all aspects of care provision.

Relatives benefit too from Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring system, particularly the Relatives Gateway platform, which allows them to send secure social media style messages and photos to family members in their aged care facilities; a tool that has proven especially useful during the recent coronavirus outbreak.

Tammy concludes: “At Person Centred Software Australia, we have one simple objective – to improve the lives of everyone involved in aged care. We’re delighted to learn that the benefits of our software are being felt by so many, from the residents to their families, the carers on the floor to the facility nurses and the managers.

This is just the beginning for our software, we are working towards many new and exciting opportunities to help innovate our industry and we look forward to sharing these in due course.”


July 10, 2020

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