Belong Warrington Care Village: Using Our Relatives Gateway To Boost Family Connections



Case Study

Throughout the pandemic, our Relatives Gateway has helped many individuals within care settings stay connected with their families.


This week, we chat with Belong Warrington Care Village and look at how our Relatives Gateway has helped their residents stay positive during these difficult times.

Can you tell us a bit more about you?

At Belong Warrington Care Village, we have 72 suites across six households, which provide specialist care settings for 24-hour support – including nursing and dementia care. The Village also has 18 apartments, where people can live independently.

How have you been using the Relatives Gateway during the pandemic?

The Relatives Gateway has been really useful for us and our residents during the pandemic. It’s allowed them to keep connected with their families at a time where visits have, of course, been restricted.

Our residents’ families have been able to view their loved one’s care notes as often as they like, at their own convenience – no matter where they are in the world!

With unlimited access to the Relatives Gateway, families can receive up-to-date information at the touch of a button, offering valuable peace of mind.

The Relatives Gateway has allowed us to share photos with relatives, too, and it offers video calling capabilities. This has meant that our residents have been able to enjoy face-to-face, regular contact with their loved ones. 

Do you have any examples of families living far away (maybe in a completely different country) who are able to keep in touch via the Relatives Gateway?

We have families as far as Australia and Cyprus who have been able to keep up-to-date with their relatives’ wellbeing by using the Relatives Gateway. When families are living so far away, being able to see important information about their loved ones care  is essential – and, of course, the Relatives Gateway has allowed them to do just that, as well as stay in contact via photos and videos.

Do you think the Relatives Gateway has been invaluable for you and your residents?

The Relatives Gateway has been invaluable for all of us in these difficult times. It’s enabled families to see first-hand, and in real time, how their relative is doing. It’s also enabled our lovely staff extra time to support our residents, as they haven’t been answering numerous telephone calls from relatives.

The Relatives Gateway enables our staff to showcase the day-to-day activities and interactions our residents have been enjoying with the staff, and the people they live with.

To find out more about Belong Warrington Care Village, take a look at their website.

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about our Relatives Gateway, you can do so by browsing our website.


The Relatives Gateway has been invaluable for all of us in these difficult times. It’s enabled families to see first-hand, and in real time, how their relative is doing.



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