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Community is at the heart of everything we do at Person Centred Software.   

Our values are centred around creating a supportive and nurturing environment that empowers everyone within the social care community. We achieve this by building integrated solutions (widely loved by carers) that help drive outstanding care, enhance resident outcomes, improve care professionals' lives, deliver person-centred care, and improve the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance of care settings.   

Our Connected Care Platform has brought the benefits of our solutions to over 6000 customers across the UK, fostering a vibrant community built on trust, open communication, and active engagement! 

We don't just provide solutions to the social care sector; we see ourselves as an extension of the industry, with many of our key stakeholders having worked directly in social care!

Yaz and Bendoncare

I held the home manager position for nursing and residential homes nearly fifteen years ago. 

I used to rely on paper-based and manual processes and never felt confident in my reporting. During inspections, I remember trying to answer so many questions about the service I managed confidently, but deep down, I was worried that if I were asked for more detail, an audit trail, or evidence, I wouldn't be able to provide it. 

If the Connected Care Platform had been available back then, I would have felt much more confident and on top of my service, ultimately improving the service I was responsible for. My experience in the sector, whether as a Home Manager, Change Manager, or Programme Manager for digital transformation, has given me a clear understanding and insight into the complex world of the health and social care sector. From receiving calls in the middle of the night, attending coroner's court, and being involved in safeguarding referrals to facing many other challenging situations, I have gained an understanding of the problems we need to solve and how we can help. 

Moreover, I have learned how to deliver to ensure our customers can manage digital transformation and maximize the benefits.

Jemma Robinson
Chief Operations Officer at Person Centred Software

Grateful to those who work in social care

Each year, we host Glad to Care, an awareness week that stands as a tribute to highlight and appreciate the dedication of care workers. Glad to care is for the entire social care sector, not just our customers.

It aims to foster a strong sense of community among those working in the care sector. In addition, it helps to support and champion care workers, emphasising the need to appreciate and recognise them as professionals. Our care workers have a wealth of experience, undergo rigorous training, and offer indispensable care to our beloved family members. Glad to Care plays a crucial role in spotlighting and celebrating their invaluable contributions to society.

Giving back is important to us

Person Centred Software is deeply committed to giving back to the sector. We have been dedicated supporters of 'The Care Workers Charity' for many years, fostering a close relationship and supporting the charity as much as possible. Our collaboration involves various initiatives, including our Glad to Care week, through which we have raised funds and increased awareness about the charity's cause. In addition to our ongoing support, we actively participate in fundraising campaigns and contribute to their initiatives, ensuring that we make a meaningful impact in the lives of care workers.

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We also work with another global charity, CommonAge, where we actively contribute to their initiatives and work towards creating a society that values and respects older individuals, ensuring they are supported and cared for. Read more about our partnership here.

Learn more about the social care charities we help support.

Championing the sector!

Additionally, we run the Champions of Care awards each year, designed to celebrate and recognise the incredible work happening in health and social care and give everyone the chance to thank others.

The Champions of Care awards help to spotlight and appreciate an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, provided unwavering support, and offered invaluable guidance through challenging times.

PCS Champions of Care Badge V2-1

Education and resources

We recognise that knowledge is power, and the rapid changes due to digitisation can be overwhelming. That's why we've created an online community where we share guides, resources, insightful blogs, webinars, and industry updates. This free service covers a wide range of topics in the social care sector, including new policies, emerging trends, best practices, business insights, and inspiring care home stories. Our high-quality content keeps care professionals informed and engaged, helping them expand their knowledge and skills to benefit those they care for.

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