Oomph! On-Demand
The wellbeing & activities platform for residents and staff

Boosting the physical and emotional health of those living in care

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Created by experts in wellbeing, mental health, dementia and nutrition our Oomph! On Demand wellbeing and activities platform empowers residents and staff in social care settings.  

Oomph! On-Demand enables people in care to take part in specialist activity programmes 24-7 - created especially for them based on their individual needs and personal interests.

 A holistic approach to wellbeing and support

How does the Oomph! On-Demand wellbeing
and activities platform work? 

Oomph! ‘On Demand’ is accessed via digital devices and so is easy for both carers and residents to use at any moment of the day. Life-enhancing activities range from exercise such as chair yoga and ballet or relaxation programmes to entertainment, singing, interactive quizzes, cooking and special interests, such as learning a language or a virtual tour visit to Paris or music concerts.     

Each Resident has their own personalised profile on the platform, with their own unique activity calendar, along with access to Live activity sessions, and outcomes reports.     

As well as care teams being able to create new bespoke programmes of wellbeing activities to run with residents, the Oomph! whole-home approach means family members and residents themselves can access Oomph! at any time and enjoy unique activities.

Oomph benefits for residents and staff (6)
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Each user has a profile and can log into the platform using their unique login details; this also allows users to have different permission settings, which can be set at the manager level.  

Once logged in, you are taken to a dashboard view showing you featured content, trending content in other homes, new releases and much more.   

The platform is easy to navigate and provides the ability to filter content to meet specific needs, for example, difficulty, suitability, type of content and more.  All content is tagged, so you can easily sort by specific interests or topics, making finding relevant content super easy!

The proven benefits of using the Oomph! On Demand wellbeing & activities platform for residents

Our wellbeing and activities platform offers many benefits to residents in social care settings.  

  • Personalised and adaptable activities based on individual interests
  • Positively increases quality of life
  • Boost physical and emotional health
  • Helps residents maintain independence
  • Increases interaction with family and friends
  • Offers brain-stimulating activities  
  • Helps reduce isolation, anxiety and depression
  • Improves mobility, balance and social interaction
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Download our free guide!

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We have created this guide to give you a comprehensive but visual breakdown of our Digital Care System; we have ensured to include everything you need to know, such as:

  • What to consider
  • How security is made simple
  • Information on our features and benefits
  • Interoperability – what it is, how we do it and why its important!

... and so much more! Feel free to also share with your team!

The benefits of using the Oomph! On Demand wellbeing and activities platform for care providers 

Oomph benefits for residents and staff (5)
  • More time to spend with residents 
  • Less time planning activities  
  • Wellbeing content calendar with expert content 
  • Resident wellbeing impact reporting 
  • Easy to use - and easy to navigate, allowing users to find the content they're looking for much faster.   
  • A constant stream of tailored ideas and content - bringing interaction, fun, and laughter into homes - benefiting both staff and customers.   
  • Wellbeing Toolkits – Support to help staff deliver wellbeing 
  • Instruction Videos – Develop and learn new skills 
  • ‘Residents Area’ where care teams can track, plan and review the impact activities have on those they care for. From engagement to inclusion, you can now see how each resident is benefitting from the work you do, which activities they have enjoyed and how engaged they are. 

Download our free guide 

We have created a comprehensive guide to wellbeing and activities in a care home.

Engaging residents in meaningful activities is crucial to improving their health and wellbeing. We aim to provide valuable insight and information to help achieve this goal.

This helpful guide contains information on various topics, such as:

  • How to work towards better resident outcomes 
  • How to maintain a resident's personal identity
  • The importance of meaningful activities 
  • How to improve health and wellbeing within your organisation

And so much more!

Feel free to also share with your team!

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Our activity teams at Barchester Healthcare have actively used the weekly materials provided to them as they have been a great resource for extra support. We are currently producing weekly newsletters for our teams and the resources from Oomph! have supplemented the guidance and provided more opportunities and ideas to deliver meaningful engagement for our residents. In particular, the spring resources, nature tips, guided exercise sessions and quick wins have been accessed on a regular basis and our teams are taking full advantage of the support available to them.

Resident Experience Manager
Barchester Healthcare

Connected Care 

We offer a suite of integrated solutions covering the full ecosystem of care management within social care.

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ATLAS is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency
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