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We provide products and services that help mental health providers go digital. 

By simplifying and digitalising the mental health sector, we aim to improve the quality of life of those receiving care, enable care providers to cater to individual mental health problems, reduce administrative time, and help provide support on a daily basis.    

Living Horizon is a specialist mental health care provider in Buckinghamshire. We care for vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, mental health issues, acquired brain injuries and other complex needs. Monitoring risk definitely cannot happen with paper records; the Digital Care System is a fantastic resource for providing better support for all our clients. It benefits not only Living Horizon but the multitude of psychiatrists, police, social workers and staff from housing organisations who are involved in supporting our clients. It's a complete game-changer!
Waqas Rehman
Owner, Living Horizon
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Digital Care Planning System

The Digital Care System allows mental health providers to adopt a Digital Social Care Record, record information about the care provided in real-time and helps reduce time spent on administrative tasks.  

We have Risk Assessment tools, Behaviour Support, Goal Tracking and Outcomes, and a Who I Am feature, which helps understand residents’ individual needs, among many other features.   

Oomph! Wellbeing and Activities Platform for Residents and Staff

Mental health providers and residents can enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing with our Oomph! Wellbeing and Activities Platform.

A variety of specialist activity programmes tailored to the interests and needs of those in care are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with Oomph! on-demand.

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Oomph Training for Staff

Oomph! Wellbeing and Activities Training for Staff 

With our Oomph! Wellbeing and Activities Training for Staff, mental health providers can be equipped with the skills and knowledge to give residents quality wellbeing care, exercises, and activities, strengthening every aspect of their wellbeing delivery.  

Digital Reception

Our GDPR-compliant and hands-free visitor management system, Digital Reception, replaces your old-style visitor book and checks in visitors 24/7, making the sign-in process for mental health providers efficient and safe.  

Maintain compliance with regulations by capturing and storing everything you need from visitors.  

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PCS Maintenance and asset management

Maintenance and Asset Management

Mental health providers can keep on top of maintenance jobs and prioritise urgent issues and tasks in real-time with our Maintenance and Asset Management tool.  

Manage and monitor all assets and improve safety and collaboration between staff and maintenance teams.  

Joined Up Care

With Person Centred Software's joined up care features, mental health providers can easily share data and information, help to connect health and social care services, improve communication between health and care teams, and give residential care providers a more joined-up approach.   

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