eMAR System

A market-leading electronic medicines management system

Electronic Medication Administration Record System (eMAR), an alternative to paper-based MAR charts, is a market-leading electronic medicines management system proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency.

The Person Centred Software eMAR system (formerly ATLAS eMAR) digitally links care homes to GPs and pharmacy dispensing systems.

This gives care providers easier access to their eMAR data and offers care homes greater flexibility and the freedom to work with their preferred pharmacies.​

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How is eMAR used?

App Use PCS

Using a handheld device, care staff can log in to see what medication is due per resident


Using barcode technology staff can ensure all medication rights of the resident are upheld

PCS Medication

Bringing together the pharmacy, GP and care home in one place allows for efficient reordering of medication

PCS automatic updates

Our eMAR system integrates with many other systems such as care planning, pain management and medicines information services

What are the benefits of using an eMAR system?


  • Saves you time in the following areas: Booking in of medication, reordering of monthly medication, and auditing your home
  • Puts your care home and residents at the heart of all medication processes
  • Reduces risk of medication errors
  • Continual monitoring of resident’s wellbeing
  • Safe medicines administration 

Features of our eMAR system

Improves accuracy and simplifies the medicine management process

Barcode Technology

Barcode technology and special features to ensure safe medicines administration

Centralised Dashboard

Get visibility over your operations and regulatory measures

Group Reporting

View care home and pharmacy data as a single health record

Stock Control

Manage stock, optimise therapy and simplify prescription tasks

Pharmacy Integration

Experience full integration with your supplying pharmacy

Medication Ordering

Connecting care homes and GPs

Download our free guide!

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We have created this guide to help care providers learn more about eMAR; we have ensured to include everything you need to know, such as:

  • What to consider when choosing an eMAR system
  • How eMAR integrates with digital planning systems
  • Implementation, training, security and GDPR
  • How eMAR helps with inspections
  • Information on our features and benefits

And so much more! Feel free to also share with your team!

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Person Centred Software ATLAS eMAR


ATLAS is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency
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