Digital Care System

The care sector's most widely used digital care management system

Person Centred Software's Digital Care Management System is the UK’s most widely used system, it is used by a variety of providers, from large care providers to single homes

Thousands of happy care home managers, nurses, carers and owners use the system to evidence all aspects of care, from creating and managing person-centred care plans to risk assessments, charts and much more.

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Using a digital care system doesn’t have to be daunting!
Here’s how it works:

App Use PCS

Using a handheld device, care staff can quickly and easily select the resident they are with during their shift by tapping on their profile photo.

PCS Personalised Notes

Using relevant, personalised icons, staff can evidence the care they are giving; this pre-populates a care note and allows staff to add more detail if they wish, ensuring care notes are person-centred.

PCS automatic updates

Care notes created through the device automatically update charts, reports, care plans and many other features in real-time throughout the system!

PCS Oversight of information

Care home managers have oversight of critical information covering care plans, risk assessments, daily records and charts, as well as information for audit purposes and inspections.

The Adult Social Care Digital Transformation Fund

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What are the benefits of choosing Person Centred Software’s Digital Care System?


  • Icon-driven, real-time evidence of care: An efficient and person-centred way of creating care notes!
  • Gives each nurse, carer and home manager 1 hour back per day to provide better care
  • Instant access to information: no more waiting around!
  • Live monitoring of care with complete management oversight
  • Reduction in staff turnover by providing a digital system that makes their work less stressful
  • Improve compliance with the regulator as all the information they require is available within the system

Main Features

There are several standard and optional features within the Digital Care system. We pride ourselves in creating an ecosystem of care, allowing you to utilise the system in the way that best works for you!

Care Delivery App

Through a clinical grade hand-held device, carers and nurses can evidence care as it happens during their shift

Care Monitoring

Oversight of critical information covering care plans, risk assessments, daily records and charts, as well as information for audit purposes and inspections.

Care Planning

An effective care planning process. Person-centred care plans meet both the social and medical needs of the people you support.

Group Reporting

Enables you to analyse trends and measurement of business critical KPIs for a single home or comparatively across a group

eRed Bag

Our Digital Care System automatically produces a hospital pack for your residents for paramedics and hospital staff

GP Connect

View your residents GP records from within our Digital Care System

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We have created this guide to give you a comprehensive but visual breakdown of our Digital Care System; we have ensured to include everything you need to know, such as:

  • What to consider
  • How security is made simple
  • Information on our features and benefits
  • Interoperability – what it is, how we do it and why its important!

... and so much more! Feel free to also share with your team!

The Ecosystem of Care

Person Centred Software offers a variety of products and services such as ATLAS eMAR, Digital Reception and Nursecall Messaging. We also partner with best-in-class organisations that work with our Digital Care System to provide you with a complete ecosystem of care.

Person Centred Software ATLAS eMAR


ATLAS is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency
Person Centred Software Digital Reception

Digital Reception

Digital Reception is a front of house e-reception book for visitors, staff and residents.


Maintenance and Asset management tool (2)

Maintenance and Asset management

Maintenance requests can be raised and managed safely and securely with our Maintenance and Asset Management tool.
Person Centred Softfware Nursecall Messaging

Nursecall Messaging

A smart messaging solution that integrates with leading brands of nursecall systems to deliver alerts, messages and notifications.