Nursecall Messaging Service

Delivering alerts, messages and notifications

What is Nursecall Messaging Service?

Person Centred Software’s Nursecall Messaging Service (NMS) is a smart solution that removes the requirement for pagers and dedicated medical devices by allowing your staff to access alerts, messages and notifications in one place via a single device.

Our Nursecall Messaging Service integrates with many different brands to ensure we meet your needs

  • Accountability and efficiency when attending alerts
  • Creates a calming care environment
  • Single device carried by care staff
PCS Nurecall device_1

What are the benefits of using Nursecall systems?


  • Removes the requirement for carrying pagers and using multiple devices
  • Removes the requirement for loud alarm panels
  • Increase Staff efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce response time to patient alerts
  • All information is delivered on the device - no requirement to rush to a central panel or screen to determine the nature and location of the alert
  • Works over WiFi or GSM/3G/4G LTE/5G, the system is managed in the cloud
  • Integrates with every major nurse call and fire alarm system, you do not need to replace your existing system
  • Compliments and improves the performance and functionality of your existing systems
  • Easy to implement!

How does Nursecall Messaging Service work?

PCS Alert Circle

A resident presses for a nurse call alert which triggers a notification on the staff’s devices to let all staff know that the resident requires help

PCS Alert Check

If a staff member accepts the notification alert request, the notification is removed from all other staff member devices to inform everyone that this alert is being seen to

App Use PCS

The staff member will attend to the resident and turn off the nurse call alert, they will be able to input additional information into the system around the resident’s status

PCS Alarm Alert

The system detects if a resident has not been seen within 5 minutes of their alert, this triggers additional notifications to ensure residents are seen promptly and that the best care is provided.

Features of Nursecall Messaging Service

Easy & Secure Access

You can log in via any browser to access all sites, users and reports in one single dashboard

One device with many uses

A single device can be used for multiple applications.

User friendly

The system is easy to use – you will be up and running in less than a day.

Instant message

Staff can message each other using an instant chat feature.

Alert reviews

After a carer accepts an alert, they can be asked to review the reason for the alert

Integrates with the Digital Care System

When an alert is triggered through Nursecall messaging, carers are alerted through the Digital Care System

Easy reporting

You can easily review alerts for patient notes for audit purposes.

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