Nursecall Messaging
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Person Centred Software’s Nursecall Messaging Service (NMS) is a smart messaging solution that integrates with leading brands of nursecall systems to deliver alerts, messages and notifications to smart phones and tablets, removing the requirement for pagers or dedicated medical devices.

NMS integrates with brands such as Intercall, Courtney Thorne, Medicare, Aidcall, Arm, Chubb, eZone and many others - even the oldest of systems can be worked with, meaning there is often no need to upgrade your existing nurse call system!

Smart messaging from any leading Nursecall brand

NMS delivers alerts, messages and notifications to the NMS App which is installed on smartphones or tablets. Each carer signs into the app with their unique username and password and chooses what alerts they want to receive depending on where in the building they will be working.

This provides a unique audit trail of accountability of which resident made the alert, who accepted it, how long it took them and the reasons for the alert. A true timeline of events that is unmanipulated and reportable.

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