Belong Atherton Care Village


May 2018


Inspection Report

“Since our last inspection the provider had implemented a new electronic care records system – Person Centred Software (PCS). This meant people’s risk assessments and life plans were stored electronically. We looked at the electronic care records in detail and found all the information contained was reflective of people’s needs. All expected risk assessments were in place and reviewed promptly in line with people’s life plans. Life plans clearly identified measures taken to mitigate any risks to people.

Each staff member had a handheld mobile device and had continued access to people’s risk assessments and life plans. The PCS provided a visual ‘snap shot’ of people’s risks that continued to go across the top of the screen; this included people’s mobility needs or specialist requirements in regards to their eating and drinking. Examples of this included: if the person was diabetic, or had an ‘unsafe swallow’ and required a modified diet to manage these risks.

We looked at food and fluid records for six people across three different households and found there was no ambiguity regarding what people had been given. Records were clear, concise and consistently reflected people were being provided with care and support that was reflective of their required need.”

“We looked at accident and incident information and found these had been documented as necessary. PCS enabled the quick identification of accidents/incidents and alerted the management team. Where people had experienced a fall, risk assessments had been updated and action taken to reduce the likelihood of further falls.”

“Through the electronic PCS system, staff at the care village were able to generate a ‘hospital pack’ that could be printed off in an emergency to go with a person to hospital. Records clearly specified where people’s views were known in relation to their wishes in case of a sudden deterioration in their health. This included copies of life plan assessments and details of the resident’s life plan. Where possible, staff that knew the person well accompanied them to hospital, in order to provide advice and support.”

“The PCS system was integral in developing and providing opportunities for people to engage in meaningful activities. The activity available on a daily basis was inputted into PCS and the system flagged the people on each household that had expressed an interest in that activity. The staff then received an alert from PCS to encourage the persons to attend. For the remaining people that were not interested in attending the activity, or were nursed in bed, two of the part-time activity staff approached these people and offered one to one activities which could include; reading to the person, doing manicures, brushing their hair, reading poetry, looking at photographs with them, playing them some music, watching a film, or just having a conversation.”

Since our last inspection, the care village had introduced a new ‘paperless’ system of personalised care planning. This was known as PCS. Belong Atherton care village staff had piloted the system and had influenced changes to the terminology used in the computer programme to align the system with the Belong Limited values. Staff each had a handheld electronic device and in addition to this there was a larger android device (tablet) and a laptop on each household. The system reduced the time staff spent recording the care and provided a more accurate and contemporaneous record as it was completed at the time the care was provided.

Staff consistently emphasised how much the implementation of the electronic system had on ensuring people received the optimum level of care. Each person’s life plan was tailored to their needs, including their emotional, behaviour, health care needs, goals and aspirations. There was step by step guidance for staff to follow with people’s daily activities such as personal care, how they preferred to wash their hair, and what support they may need if they became anxious or upset. The system alerted staff if a person hadn’t been seen for fifteen minutes and alerted them if a care intervention hadn’t been completed.”

“Belong Atherton Care Village had piloted the PCS electronic care records system. The registered manager discussed the benefits of the system as it kept managers up to date with incidents/concerns which enabled them to promptly discuss with heath care professionals if further guidance was required. This ensured people’s care was reviewed promptly and measures were put in place to review strategies to improve the care people received.”

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