Benefits of Falls Prevention

How to best support residents

Planned care

Planning care actions can help make sure residents receive the support they need in a timely manner, meaning that assistance where needed is available and can reduce the risk of resident falls because their needs are not being met. Other planned actions include checking equipment or checking the condition of footwear.



More time caring

The Care App reduces the administrative burden on staff giving them more time to spend with residents. This means that the right support can be given, and residents are kept safe.

Preferences and special instructions

Instructions, including those about moving and handling, are communicated to the care team on the mobile devices as part of the care interactions they are recording.

Making this information available at the point of care means that support can be provided in line with the care plan and any preferences they have. This encourages safe working practices and safe mobilisation methods used.



Risks to be aware of

Alerts users of any risks that a resident might face; including if there is a high risk of falling.



Activities and exercise

Another key ingredient to reducing frailty and reducing risk of fall is to maintain impact exercise.

The Care App allows users to record the types of exercise, duration and engagement levels – including exercise types, such as ankle strengthening.



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