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Be truly person-centred and understand residents’ individual needs

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What does the ‘Who I Am’ feature do?

With the ‘Who I Am’ feature, care providers can create a person-centred document of each resident, comprising personalised information such as, what is important to me, a summary of their care plan and wishes for their future care.

Who I Am’ is included in the hospital pack so care providers can be certain of all the personal and unique information that might be needed if the resident goes to Hospital.    

Who I Am’ conforms to the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB), which means it contains all the information the NHS require.   

What are the benefits of the ‘Who I Am’ feature?

  • Care can truly be person-centred and tailored to each individual’s needs 
  • Know and understand what each resident’s values are and how best to communicate with them   
  • Ensures the home conforms to the NHS standards for data capture so you can feel confident urgent care professionals can see the correct information   

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