Connecting care homes and GPs

GP Connect

What is GP Connect?

GP Connect consumes data directly from multiple GP systems, connecting care homes and GP’s.

Examples of the type of information made available through the GP Connect view product:

  • Encounters – e.g. hospital visits
  • Active problems and issues – e.g. diagnosis
  • Allergies and adverse reactions
  • Acute and repeat medication
  • Referrals
  • Observations – e.g. pulse, oxygen saturation
  • Immunisations

You’ll find some useful information about GP Connect here:

Leading the way to connecting health and social care

  • Locations activated GP Connect
    95 Care Provider Brands
    202 Locations
    9077 Beds covered
  • 300 Clinicians accessed GP Connect
  • 3065 GP records accessed
  • 1000+ Residents of which GP records accessed
  • 73 CCGs
  • Live since Feb 2021

Launching revolutionary integration with GP Connect

"The key benefits of the integration with GP Connect is that our nurses now have access to real time information as well as a clear picture of historic care for our residents. The vast amount of time saved by having instantaneous accessibility is beneficial for not only our nurses but for GPs too as we no longer need to call GPs for updates or information."


Mike Armstrong

Managing Director at Havering Care Homes

What is needed to access GP Connect?

  • You need to sign the “NHS GP Connect HTML product data sharing” Data Share Agreement in Mobile Care Monitoring.
  • The GP Connect view can only be used to access data for residents under your direct care.
  • The GP Connect product is only available to care homes in England

"We feel extremely privileged to be amongst the first to use the integration and the feedback we’ve received from nursing staff so far has been brilliant. By logging into the system, staff can now see all relevant medical records related to residents and without having to chase individual GP surgeries."

Shehzad Jivraj
Head of Operations at Clearstone Care

"The time-saving benefits to our staff are going to be huge, and the system will also improve our knowledge base of the individuals we care for. We’re thrilled to be one of the first care homes in the country to use the integration and we look forward to it becoming part of our everyday lives."

Anita Astle MBE
Managing Director at Wren Hall Nursing Home