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Transforming the social care sector

Driving digital transformation in the social care sector is a key component to improving the quality and safety of care. Our work with the social care sector has shown how technology, such as the digital care management system, can significantly improve outcomes for people, providing care staff with more time to deliver care and helping them to deliver better, safer care for service users.

The digital care management system, a centralised platform where care providers can manage all aspects of a person's care in one place, is usually a cloud-based software system often referred to as:

  • Digital care management systems
  • Care management systems
  • Digital care systems
  • Digital social care record systems
  • Care recording systems
  • Care management software

In addition to the above, there are many other terms used. 

Below we discuss three benefits of using our digital care planning system in your organisation, backed by care provider reviews.

Get a quick overview of what’s been happening in the care home

The main aim of the digital care management system is to free up time spent by care workers and managers on administrative tasks whilst equipping them with the information they need to deliver high-quality, effective and compassionate care.

For example, before using a digital care management system, compared to paper-based records, care home managers had to go into the organisation and sift through all the paperwork and hundreds of care notes to get an overview of what had been happening inside the home.

Care home managers don't need to do this anymore; with our digital care management system, care home managers can now click into the system and get a quick overview of what's been happening in the care home. They can access detailed information wherever they are and, whenever needed, read and analyse care records quickly, access care intelligence and monitor the effectiveness of care with ease, staying on the front foot, helping them to be in control. 

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It's much easier for carers to record and evidence care with Person Centred Software's handheld devices - even staff who are not as up-to-date with technology find the software easy to use. As a manager, I can click into the system and get a quick overview of what's been happening in the care home; it enables me to ensure our residents are receiving quality care, even when I'm not in the home.

Amuica 1x1
Julie Whitaker
Care Home Manager at The Rivers Care Home
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Mulberry House is quite a large complex, and we needed something that would give us visibility across the whole home – Person Centred Software’s Digital Care System does precisely this. From a clinical governance point of view, mainly because I'm a nurse by background, I can now get a glance at what's happening in the home without having to run around asking people. So, it's great to run reports and immediately get a good oversight of the whole building.

Mulberyy House 1x1
Tara Cross
Registered Care Manager at Mulberry house

Experience our care management software for yourself 

Make your care team more efficient by simplifying planning and recording

Our digital care management system drastically reduces the time it takes to physically transcribe care notes, allowing care teams to record information at the point of care whilst minimising the risk of errors.

The system's icon-driven care notes feature has been specially designed with care workers in mind. The icons are central to the Care App's design, enabling care workers to record care notes quickly and accurately, resulting in more care notes recorded and more time with residents.

Care providers using the Digital Care System evidence, on average, over 50 quality care notes per resident per day, which is hard to achieve on paper or with many other systems.

With pre-populated care notes and an icon-driven interface, medical records and care notes are kept up to date efficiently and accurately - this allows care providers to perform better, allowing more time for carers to spend with residents and making the care environment the best it can be. Furthermore, there is no risk of losing information as data is recorded in one central portal, which can be viewed anytime by anyone with access. 

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I like how the Digital Care System relies heavily on icons; it makes it perfect for our carers where English is not their first language. Writing care notes can often be challenging, but with Person Centred Software's icon buttons, information is now recorded quickly and easily - their emoji system is brilliant! It's a masterpiece when it comes to saving time.

Mulberyy House 1x1
Tara Cross
Registered Care Manager at Mulberry house
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The Digital Care System makes evidencing care quick and easy for our care staff. Our care team is also quite diverse, as many of our staff come from different backgrounds; since the system is icon-driven, it can be used by everyone, so even if English is not their first language, our carers can click on the icons, and it writes the care notes for them!

Living Horizon 1x1
Waqas and Zonera Rehman
Owners and registered managers of Living Horizon
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I love it; it’s quicker and easier, and you can’t lose paperwork. You can click the icons, and it writes the care note for you.

Arbory 1x1
Toni Hanchant
Senior Support worker, The Arbory Residential Home
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The software is really easy to use, and our staff love it, especially because the handheld device allows carers to record the care using icons and voice recognition as they go through the day. They’re so pleased they no longer have to sit behind a computer for a long period of time at the end of the day, trying to remember what exactly they’ve done. This has been a huge change for our care staff, and we’ve seen an uplift in documentation as a result. Our carers now acquire about 50 care notes per day per resident, whereas they used to acquire only about 5.

Graham Care 1x1
Ernie Graham
Owner, Graham Care

Quickly access the GP records of the people you support

A joined up, and integrated approach delivers better outcomes to those using health and social care services, enables services to be more proactive and effective, ensures that people receive the right care in the right place in a timely manner, reduces the burden on services and saves lives. Our digital care management system has several features that help connect health and social care, one being the GP Connect service..

GP Connect is a service that enables authorised care professionals to quickly and efficiently share and view GP records and medical notes of the residents they care for in real-time. Person Centred Software’s GP Connect integration consumes data directly from multiple GP systems, connecting care homes and GPs.  

Person Centred Software was one of the first dedicated electronic care systems used in care homes to launch an integration with NHS Digital’s GP Connect HTML product.  

Listed below are the key benefits of the integration with GP Connect:  

  • Allows authorised clinical staff to share and view GP records and medical notes quickly and efficiently  
  • Access to real-time information, as well as a clear picture of historic care for residents  
  • Helps health and social care providers deliver the safest and most effective care  
  • Improves clinical decision-making 


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Prior to GP Connect, we couldn’t view patient records and we were completely reliant on receiving paper notification via the postal system, fax or a discharge letter. With GP Connect, accessing the record is instant, the time saving is immense! We are now aware of what medical conditions or issues people have and therefore can ensure that care is delivered most appropriately, this has made a real difference to obtaining important information promptly.

Cinnamon 1x1
Mark Shockledge
Senior General Manager at Cinnamon Care
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Before GP Connect, we didn’t have access to GP records, we had to request a printout of our residents’ patient summery record, which took several weeks to receive. With GP Connect, it’s much faster to receive patient records. Our nurses can now access information, prior to admission, to help formulate their care plans

Beechwood 1x1
Jayne Richardson RN
General Manager at Beechwood Place Nursing Home
The key benefits of the integration with GP Connect is that our nurses now have access to real time information as well as a clear picture of historic care for our residents. The vast amount of time saved by having instantaneous accessibility is beneficial for not only our nurses but for GPs too as we no longer need to call GPs for updates or information.
Mike Armstrong
Managing Director at Havering Care Homes

For more information about GP Connect and to find out how your nurses can securely access residents’ GP records click here and book a Demo or get in touch with the team: 01483 357 657