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Driving Outstanding Care

A Person Centred Software demo will provide an opportunity to see what a huge impact using the system has across daily operations and the care provided.

Many managers think that ‘digital care planning’ is just about the care plan, but the demo will show you that there is so much more to a digital care system.


The demo can be online or on-site to suit your needs and time constraints. 


Booking 1-1.5 hours is a reasonable amount of time to get a perfect look at what the digital care system can do and ask questions about how it would work in your specific environment. The demo sessions are very interactive and engaging – it’s about buying into the company as much as buying into the product if you’re going to be long-term partners.


We cover:

  • Implementation
  • How training works
  • The process of getting started

You will receive guidance from Person Centred Software about what works best and what resources are required.   Person Centred Software will ensure the implementation process fits your needs – providing you with expert advice having already implemented thousands of homes.  

Person Centred Software is an expert in acknowledging any considerations or requirements that may need to be mapped out early on.  Our experts will ensure everything is covered, leading to a smooth implementation and experience.

Access to the system can be arranged on the same day as your demo or whenever you are ready. 


Digital Care System

Watch our video introducing our digital care management system and discover how Mobile Care Monitoring can help drive outstanding care within your care home.

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