Digital Reception

A front of house, hands-free reception system


What is Digital Reception

Digital Reception is a front of house e-reception book for visitors, staff and residents. 

A highly configurable system, supporting any number of social care settings.

The system operates on Android or Apple touchscreen tablets and has a hands-free operation that uses people’s smartphones to avoid the need to touch the screen.


How does Digital Reception work?


Pick a profile

Upon arrival, a visitor, staff member or resident is presented with a welcome screen where they can pick a profile to best suit them. 


Scan a QR code

Next, using their smartphone, they scan the profile QR code most suited to them. The system will automatically transfer to their phone so that there is no need to touch the screen.


Enter details

After scanning, the person will choose if they are arriving or leaving and are then asked to enter their details. (Information requested is all customisable per profile type and per organisation)

Old style visitor books in care homes could soon be a thing of the past thanks to our new Digital Reception system; a front of house, hands-free and GDPR compliant Reception System.

Features and benefits of Digital Reception


Collect feedback


Analyse your data


Create people profiles


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