The benefits of Nursecall Messaging Service (NMS)

Delivering alerts, messages and notifications



Driving Outstanding Care

Fully intergrated into Mobile Care Monitoring

NMS is fully integrated with Mobile Care Monitoring with resident photos and risks to be aware of appearing on the main screen when an alert is triggered.

One device, many uses

Furthermore, the single smartphone can be used for multiple applications such as acoustic monitoring, digital care management, medication dispensary, door entry and mobile VoIP calling. This removes the requirement of carrying several devices such as pagers, DECT phones,
clip boards etc. 

It’s all managed by our secure software that ensures only approved applications and functions can be used on the device, and they’re tracked to swiftly locate a device in the event of loss or theft.

How does it work?

NMS utilises 3 main elements - the I.S., the NMS Cloud Platform, and the NMS App.

  • The I.S. – The Integration Server is a device we install on site. This physically connects to the nurse call and fire alarm system using RS232 Serial. When the I.S. receives messages, it sends them to the NMS Cloud Platform
  • The NMS Cloud Platform – The brains behind the operation. It receives all the messages and knows who needs to receive them.It keeps everything running and runs all the reporting, as well as sending messages to users on the NMS App.
  • The NMS App – staff members use devices such as smartphones and tablets to sign in to our secure App. This allows them to receive and accept alerts, chat to other staff members and leave patient notes on calls attended.

By using the NMS, this removes the requirement for carrying pagers and loud alarm panels. It increases staff efficiency and productivity, whilst reducing the response time to patient alerts, since there is no longer a requirement to rush to a central panel or screen to determine the nature and location of the alert – all the information is delivered in a clear to understand message right on the screen of the staff who need it.

The NMS App can be used on a range of devices such as smartphones or tablets and works over WiFi or GSM/3G/4G LTE/5G, since the system is managed in the cloud to provide reliable, scaleable and centralised management of your notifications.

Better yet, since NMS integrates with every major nurse call and fire alarm system, you do not need to replace your existing system – NMS compliments and improves the performance and functionality of your existing systems, whilst providing a seamless end user experience. Regardless if you have one care home or 100, it’s the same Portal and the same App, meaning it’s very easy to train staff and maintain a consistent standard throughout.

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