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Sep 29, 2020

FREE GUIDE: Choosing a Digital Care Planning System


Digital care planning is essential nowadays for any care home, especially with the government's target to have 80% of all registered care providers operating digital care record systems by 2024.
But with so many systems on the market, are you confident you can choose the right digital care planning solution for your care home?

To find out more about choosing the right system for you, contact us today for a non-obligatory demo below:


Download our free guide on How to Choose a Digital Care Planning, Monitoring and Reporting System that will:

  • Support you to find the most effective system for your care home
  • Give you the confidence to invite the right technology suppliers for demonstrations
  • Help you to select a system with buy-in from everyone in the organisation
  • Ensure a successful and smooth transition to digital care planning

September 29, 2020

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