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Person Centred Software's Connected Care Platform

Discover how the Connected Care Platform offers a complete solution to the most challenging areas of care provision and improves quality of life for both residents and staff in a care setting

Improve the mental wellbeing of older adults in care homes with Oomph On-Demand

Improve the mental wellbeing of older adults in care homes with our Oomph On-Demand wellbeing and activities platform - the benefits are countless!

How can ATLAS eMAR help with stock control? Your questions answered

Martin Wall, Customer Experience Manager for ATLAS eMAR, answers your questions on how our eMAR system helps with stock control.

Medication accuracy in care homes: Your questions answered

Person Centred Software's eMAR specialist, Martin Wall, answers the most popular questions around medication accuracy.

Burnham Lodge showcases Oomph On-Demand in their care home

Home Manager showcases the range of activities they provide to residents through the use of Oomph On-Demand, an activities & wellbeing digital platform.

Exmouth House discusses how the Digital Care Planning System and eMAR has benefitted the home

Home Manager discusses how Person Centred Software’s Digital Care Planning System and Medication Management system have helped to run the home more efficiently, with greater control and ease.

Fewcott House explains how technology has revolutionised care delivery

Registered Manager discusses how the Digital Care System saves time on admin and how eMAR has helped reduce the number of medication errors.

GDPR-compliant visitor management system

Say hello to Person Centred Software’s new front-of-house, hands-free, GDPR-compliant electronic visitor management system, Digital Reception.

How Person Centred Software has improved the quality of care at Avondale Care Home

Avondale Care Home explains how Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring system has transformed care delivery and improved the quality of life for residents.
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