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Supporting care homes in delivering high-quality person-centred care

Person Centred Software is working hard to simplify and digitise the social care sector by creating a wide range of easy-to-use products for care providers.

Our Connected Care Platform covers the full spectrum of care management through integrated solutions that help drive outstanding care and improve the lives of those receiving care and those working in the sector. 

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Digital Care - Product

mCare (Digital Care System)

The UK's most widely used care planning and CQC compliance system; built for carers and loved by carers, this digital social care record system has been helping care providers deliver high-quality person-centred care for the last decade. 

Supporting operational performance and the delivery of care 

mCare comes with the largest and most experienced support and implementation team to ensure success, an extensive network of integrated partners and multiple benefits, such as:  

  • Allows care providers to get everything they need on a single device 

  • Improves care outcomes and the delivery of care  

  • Gives care teams more time to spend with residents doing the things they enjoy  

  • Enables care staff to evidence care as it happens, in real-time, making creating care notes more efficient and person-centred 
  • Improves people's journeys between health and care services, helping to enhance the coordination of care to facilitate quicker diagnosis and treatment 

  • Enhances operational performance  

  • Ensures a more personalised approach to care  

  • Helps to enhance the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of care staff and residents and much more!   

Everyone deserves the best possible care during vulnerable times, and we're working hard to create a brighter future for social care with our care planning and CQC compliance system, mCare. 

Our care planning tools within mCare, such as body maps, fluid and nutrition monitoring, oral hygiene, wound care, review cycles, and much more, are all integrated to provide comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date care plans. mCare combines all the essential information for carers, ensuring they have the information they need to deliver outstanding care.

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