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How does the Fluid and Nutrition Monitoring feature work?   

The Fluid and Nutrition Monitoring feature allows carers to track residents’ fluid and nutritional needs in real time. Carers can fully personalise each resident’s fluid needs, indicating each person’s fluid requirements, whether a fluid target needs to be met, or whether a fluid cap is in place due to a medical condition.  

The Fluid and Nutrition feature ensures a resident is getting the right nutrition, alerts carers of any changes, gives an overview of meals, and tracks trends in appetite and nutrition. In addition, carers can set preferences, so they know each resident’s likes and dislikes, plus any dietary needs or allergies to support meal and drink choices.   

What are the benefits of the Fluid and Nutrition Monitoring feature?

  • Enables carers to encourage residents to maintain their personal fluid level   
  • Ensures medical needs are considered when planning fluid and nutrition   
  • Keeps track of what fluid and food has been provided and consumed in the last 24 hours   
  • Helps reduce falls and UTIs   
  • Visibility of fluids across the community   
  • Promotes adequate fluid levels   

Did you know that our Smart Cup Fluid Monitoring
feature has other ways to monitor fluid intake and prevent dehydration?

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