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What does the Goal Tracking and Outcomes feature do?

The Goal Tracking and Outcomes feature is designed to enable care providers to support individuals with their goals, track progress towards meeting the goal and support staff working on goal planning, actions and reporting on progress to the service users, their funders, family or others involved in their support. 

The Goal Tracking and Outcomes dashboard delivers a holistic overview of all goals for that location, as well as a variety of charts to track trends and analyse how the locations' goals are performing.  

Each service user will have a dashboard where goals can be quickly created and updated alongside charts to track how their goals are performing individually.  

What are the benefits of using Goal Tracking and Outcomes?

Person Centred Software’s Goal Tracking and Outcomes feature will enable care providers to: 

  • Create multiple goals for each service user and the actions required to meet those goals. 
  • Let relatives contribute to a goal by adding progress notes through the Relatives Gateway portal. 
  • Track progress and trends of activities over time to help guide service users to complete their goals. 
  • Specify how often you would like or would not like a service user to do a particular activity or behaviour.  

How Goal Tracking and Outcomes solves key problems

Providing evidence

Demonstrate outcomes achieved and record support provided to funders, service users, family and multi-disciplinary teams.

Managing workload 

Two dashboards provide a holistic overview of the service to help a home manager ensure it is performing well, and individual dashboards help focus and track progress. 

Saving time

Reduce the time it takes to record, review and track each service user's goals.


Provide evidence to funders of how much time has been spent supporting service users with each activity required to achieve a goal.

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