Key Features of Nursecall Messaging Service (NMS)

Delivering alerts, messages and notifications



Driving Outstanding Care

Alert reviews, intergrations and key features

Alert reviews

After a carer accepts an alert, they can be asked to review the reason for the alert, include the state of the resident, and what action was required. There’s also a notes section to type in comments or a further explanation.

There is a ‘general notes’ section which can include key information about the resident’s general health or conditions. This information is then recorded and available for auditing by managers.


In the future, NMS will be integrated with leading digital care planning software so this information can be automatically populated on the notes of residents profiles, reducing the requirement for duplicate data. This means key information about residents can be displayed within NMS, such as the resident’s name, if there is a DNR or history of a condition such as a recent stroke or dementia – useful for agency staff or new starters who haven’t yet fully remembered all the residents or their individual needs!

Key features

  • Cloud Managed – manage all sites, users and reports in one single dashboard; no need to login to dozens of different IP’s, devices or portals.
  • Secure HTTPS Access – all secured and encrypted data so no-one has access to unathorised data.
  • User Friendly – clear, simple to read information and even available in several languages in a single click!
  • Instant Message Chat – staff can message each other using a WhatsApp-style chat, or managers can send out broadcasts to teams of staff (for example, if there is going to be a fire alarm test!).
  • Feature-Rich Reporting – easily identify any issues or recognition for productivity from busy members of staff. Review alerts for patient notes for audit purposes.

What does NMS achieve?

  • Improvement in staff productivity and efficiency
  • Improvement in accountability for attending alerts
  • Calming care environment
  • Increased level of care
  • Single device carried by care staff
  • Easy to add more Apps such as Electronic Patient Records or Acoustic Monitoring
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