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Aug 28, 2018

Do Care Homes Need Technology To Provide Good Care?

As care home manager, you decide if your care home needs the latest technology. But who answers your questions about it?

You feel comfortable with your staff writing care notes on paper near the end of their shifts. It’s time-consuming, but it’s your way of updating records. You’re confident that handover between your day and night staff is thorough, but do you know what happens when you’re away? You find photocopying residents’ files to share with social workers, GPs and physiotherapists tiresome, but it’s key information.

Getting through each day giving good care to your residents is your focus. You know you provide a good service, you care about the people you look after, and it works.

Technology may not be something you’re thinking about. It’s something for other people, with money and time to spend.

Recently, technology has been mentioned more but you’re not sure where to start. CQC has added technology use in care homes to their KLOEs. What you can do to keep records secure for GDPR is also likely on your mind.

Can your home work better with technology? We can help you find out, in your own time, without sales people involved. There’s a Technology Forum Facebook Group, where you can find out what other care home managers are doing with technology. Pop by and join the discussion – you might be surprised what other people are doing in their care homes now.

Go to our Care Home Managers Technology Forum Facebook Group and get your questions answered.

This column was published in Care Home Professional

August 28, 2018

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