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May 07, 2024

Person Centred Software is now compliant with the 14 NHS Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) standards

One of the largest and most compliant, connected social care software providers  



We're thrilled to announce that Person Centred Software is compliant with the 14 NHS Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) standards that came into effect this year.  

Built for carers and loved by carers, our Connected Care Platform, which encompasses all our integrated solutions, supports over 6,000 care providers across all service types every day, helping thousands of residents live their lives their way with independence and dignity and in a place they can truly call home. 

One of our innovative solutions, mCare, a digital social care record system, now complies with the 14 NHS Digital Social Care Record standards, which aim to raise the quality of systems provided to care organisations. 


Andrew Coles, Chief Product Officer at Person Centred Software, says:

''We are delighted to be compliant with all the 14 NHS Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) standards that came into effect this year. As an assured supplier, we fully support the development and implementation of these standards, which aim to drive up the quality of solutions used by care providers and ensure that solutions deliver benefits that will enhance the lives of those living and working in social care.


Our role as a software provider is to ensure that standards are fit for purpose and can be implemented without becoming a burden to users.  Co-design and understanding of our users have been critical to successfully delivering the standards with the highest adoption rates in the sector.  We have connected more than 1000 care homes to the NHS, and circa 90k residents have already completed an 'About Me' profile - this means that the information held about a resident is of the highest quality. Those supporting them understand their social, clinical, and wellbeing needs''.


What do the 14 standards mean to our customers?

PCS Oversight of information
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 
Person Centred Software ensures that robust business continuity plans and disaster recovery measures are in place to support our digital social care record system, mCare.
PCS Funding_1
Person Centred Software is a financially secure and reputable organisation, making us a reliable, safe investment. We are a long-standing provider of digital solutions for the social care sector and are committed to the ongoing development of mCare.
PCS automatic updates
Data migration 
Person Centred Software can help care providers easily migrate their care planning data from their existing solution (paper or digital) into our digital social care record system, mCare.
PCS IP Whitelist
Hosting & Infrastructure 
Person Centred Software's hosting platforms and services are market-leading, secure, scalable, and appropriate for running critical solutions for care providers. In addition, they are cost-effective and energy-efficient.
PCS Assessment
Information Governance 
Person Centred Software has a strong governance framework for the handling, processing, and storage of highly sensitive data. We are ISO27001 accredited, ensuring information security controls, processes, and procedures are in place to keep data safe.
PCS Report success
Non-functional questions 
Person Centred Software understands the non-functional landscape of the market we are selling to and is a trusted supplier with strong values that align with the social care sector's goals. 
PCS Maintenance List
Person Centred Software has development processes and life cycles that align with industry standards, ensuring sufficient quality and rigour in delivery test processes.
Clinical Safety
Person Centred Software complies with DCB0129 standards, meaning that strong clinical safety processes are followed, and hazard logs and safety cases highlight risks and control measures in place.
PCS Who Am I
About me 
Person Centred Software was instrumental in creating the 'About Me' standard, which captures how best to support residents.
PCS Care Notes_1
Personalised Care & Support Plan 
mCare allows care plans to be shared between patients, carers, and all the health and care professionals involved in a person's care, including care needs, contingency plans, and social and medical needs.
PCS Reporting
Data standards  
mCare adheres to data standards and uses operational and information reference data such as clinical terminology, drug database data sets, and organisational codes to provide consistency in information.
PCS Partners
Person Centred Software leads the way in interoperability and enables data to be shared between health and social care services.
PCS GP Connect
GP Connect 
With approximately 1000 care locations connected, Person Centred Software enables care providers to view GP Connect via mCare. 
PCS Email
Person Centred Software is not an email-based solution; this standard does not currently apply.


Click here to learn more about the importance of the NHS Digital Social Care Records Standards, or click here to explore Person Centred Software's integrated solutions.

Learn more about mCare

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May 7, 2024

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