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Mar 28, 2022

Transform the way you document care and achieve ‘outstanding’ with CQC by going digital and implementing Person Centred Software’s care management system


What is Mobile Care Monitoring?

Person Centred Software’s care management software, Mobile Care Monitoring (MCM), is currently one of the most popular digital care systems in the UK with over 3000 care providers using the platform.

The care planning software enables care providers to reduce the time spent on paperwork and exceed compliance measures, giving staff more time to spend with residents.

Going digital with Mobile Care Monitoring

The Health and Social Care Secretary, Sajid Javid, has set out a digital agenda for social care providers to start using digitised records by March 2024.

Mr Javid said, “Currently an estimated 40 per cent of care providers are still grappling entirely with paper-based records.”

With the Mobile Care Monitoring system, which is listed as an NHSX accredited supplier for the Digital Social Care Records programme, care providers are now able to improve the quality of care in an integrated and paperless environment.


How your organisation can improve the quality of care with person-centred care software

The benefits:

  • Reduce time spent on paperwork, giving carers more time to spend with residents
  • Evidence care as it happens, wherever you are
  • Keep data safe
  • Improve communication across your team
  • Share information with hospitals via the eRedBag
  • Keep relatives connected and involved in the care and support of their loved ones
  • Monitor and improve the management of care delivery
  • Improve resident safety
  • Use group reporting to analyse trends and measurement of business critical KPIs
  • Improve CQC and care inspectorate ratings

And those are just a few of the benefits … Person Centred Software’s digital care system has a wide range of features that aims to support care providers in driving outstanding care.

What are care providers saying about Mobile Care Monitoring?

Care staff love using the system and have found Mobile Care Monitoring to be a popular choice, as it is easy to use and learn; reduces stress; facilitates teamwork and gives more time to care.

The Mobile Care Monitoring system is used by over 3,000 care providers across the UK. Care home managers, nurses, carers, and owners use the system to evidence care on a daily basis, here’s what customers say about switching to a digital care planning and monitoring system:


‘’The key benefits of the integration with GP Connect is that our nurses now have access to real-time information as well as a clear picture of historic care for our residents. The vast amount of time saved by having instantaneous accessibility is beneficial for not only our nurses but for GPs too as we no longer need to call GPs for updates or information.’’

Mike Armstrong, Managing Director at Havering Care Homes


“We’ve found the software to be fantastic – the access to GP Patient records is instant, which saves an invaluable amount of time. It enables our care home to process admissions much quicker as the information is at hand, which is a great help for the hospitals, especially when they struggle for beds.”

Marinel Purdea, Deputy Manager at Aura Care Living

March 28, 2022

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