Care Management Solutions

Helping to deliver a higher standard of care

We're working hard to simplify and digitise the social care sector by creating a wide range of easy-to-use products for care providers. 

Our care management solutions, part of our Connected Care Platform, have been helping to drive outstanding care and improve the lives of those receiving care and those working in the sector for the past decade. 

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Our care management software  

Our innovative care management solutions consist of: 

Nursecall Messaging Service


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What is care management?

Care management is managing the care of individuals; it refers to a comprehensive suite of services and activities that help individuals manage their health more efficiently. The main goal of care management is to ensure that care recipients receive high-quality care and that their needs are met - this involves close collaboration among health and care professionals to consistently assess individuals' needs, goals, and preferences, along with reviewing care plans, and ensuring that individuals receive the right care, at the right time and in the right place. 

Why is care management important? 

Care management is important as it aims to ensure that the appropriate and right level of care is provided, meeting the needs of the person being cared for. 

Care management brings together the individual receiving care, health and care providers, carers, and the care recipient's family to coordinate care in order to get the best possible outcome. 

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How our solutions for care management help to deliver a higher standard of care 

Our Connected Care Platform incorporates an array of integrated solutions that interoperate and combine all your care software in one place The platform’s care management solutions help care organisations to deliver a higher standard of care; for example, our care management system, mCare, the UK's most widely used digital social care record system, reduces the burden of onerous administrative tasks, allowing care workers to spend more time with residents and engage in activities they enjoy.   

Furthermore, the system makes care management more efficient by enabling care staff to monitor and evidence care in real time and create and manage person-centred care plans, risk assessments, charts, and more!  

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Accurately calculating the correct number of staff needed on duty is essential. This can be done easily using DepenSys, the UK's leading dependency and staffing tool, another of our care management solutions. 

Our staffing and dependency tool allows care home managers to make data-led decisions on the allocation of staff based on their skill mix, levels and resident needs.  

By inputting data on shifts, available beds and scoring resident dependency on a wide array of factors, managers will be given a clear picture of the staffing required against their current situation in order to provide a good level of person-centred care through easy-to-understand metrics, such as skilled hours needed, day and night ratios, occupancy and more!    

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Our care management solutions also include a Nursecall Messaging Service (NMS), which helps care organisations streamline communication and reduce response time to patient alerts. 

Implementing NMS will increase staff productivity, leading to more efficient workflow and improved resource allocation.  

Since alerts are sent directly to the carers' smart devices, NMS reduces alarm fatigue and the noise from panels and call bells, helping to calm a care setting and create a better living environment for residents. Ultimately, it's a market-leading solution to increase staff efficiency when responding to call bells by creating greater accountability and promoting better response times to residents.

Louis Johnson, Managing Director at Blaucomm, who collaborated with us on developing the Nursecall Messaging Service

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