Our solutions for care operations

Improve and streamline your care organisation 

At Person Centred Software, we are dedicated to improving the lives of those receiving care and those working in the social care sector by developing innovative, user-friendly solutions for large care providers to single homes. 

Our Connected Care Platform streamlines care operations through various integrated solutions, simplifying and digitising the sector, assisting care staff in maintenance and asset management, and helping care organisations meet safety and compliance requirements. 

Managing daily operations and tasks for a care organisation can be time-consuming and challenging, so to make things easier, we've listed a few solutions that can help you streamline your work:    

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Our care operations software   

Our innovative care operations software consists of the following:  

Person Centred Software Digital Reception

Digital Reception 

Maintenance & Asset Management  

What are care operations? 

Operations management encompasses everything that needs to be done within an organisation, making it crucial to have a well-defined plan.  

For example, running and operating a care organisation involves a wide range of complexities. Care operations, also known as operations management, include but are not limited to the care organisation's maintenance, oversight of the care team and staff responsibilities, ensuring the wellbeing of residents, keeping main spaces and resident rooms clean and operational, maintaining equipment, public amenities, quality and safety assurance across the property/properties, streamlining food and beverage services, ensuring all laundry is washed, sorted, and returned, and organising events and activities for residents, the list goes on. 

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Why are care operations so important? 

Effective operations are essential in any industry, but especially in care organisations. Care organisations depend upon efficient operations to improve the health of those receiving care.  

How our solutions for care operations help to deliver a higher standard of care

Take your care operations to the next level 

Our Connected Care Platform incorporates an array of integrated solutions that interoperate and combine all your care software in one place.  Our platform offers solutions for care operations that help care organisations improve and streamline their services; for instance, our Maintenance & Asset Management tool assists in managing and monitoring all assets and maintenance tasks across the business. This gives managers full transparency, as all the information is in one place. Additionally, the tool facilitates better communication between staff and the maintenance team. 

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Our solutions for care operations also include Digital Reception, a front-of-house, hands-free, and GDPR-compliant reception system that gives visitors a good first impression and helps a care organisation meet safety and compliance requirements.  

Furthermore, Digital Reception includes COVID-19 vaccination status checks and editable COVID questions! 

Digital Reception

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