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Person Centred Software collaborates with CareMeds as part of our Medication Management solution for care providers. CareMeds’ medicines management system includes dynamic MAR Charts and intuitive eMAR from your pharmacy.

CareMeds is a tech company who create innovative solutions for Pharmacy and Healthcare providers. Founded in 2012, they are now part of one of Europe’s largest Healthcare Software providers Pharmagest Interactive, a French listed company valued at over €1 billion with some 14,000 customers in Pharmacy, Hospital and Care Provider settings.

CareMeds systems simplify medicines management by empowering pharmacy and care providers to work in partnership to deliver excellent patient outcomes. They offer a GDPR compliant, NHS Digital approved, cloud based solution linking the Pharmacy and Care provider with a single patient record.

Currently more than 75,000 UK residents in over 2500 managed care settings benefit from the added security that our systems deliver when they are receiving their medications.

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