Enhance your resident & staff experience across your entire care home operations 

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ResHub is an easy-to-use, fully integrated ‘hub’ that connects residents, families, and care staff, elevating the daily resident experience.  

ResHub is a platform that meets your needs today while future-proofing your care organisation’s ever-changing needs.

How does ResHub Work?

ResHub consists of 3 main areas, each tailored to meet the specific needs of residents, family members & staff.  

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For the family

An app for all family engagement needs, allowing people to stay connected to their loved ones who are being cared for. 


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For your care staff

Allows care staff to enhance operations by having visibility into reports, having live information on resident insights, updating families proactively and spending more meaningful time with residents. 

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For the resident

Connects residents to the people in their lives that have an impact on their lived experience and daily wellness.

Customise your resident experience

Daily Care Updates

Real-time access to care information for Families, giving care services an easy-to-use portal for managing the information that family members can and can’t see.   

*Only available for mCare users.

Lifestyle Calendar Management & Activity Tracking

Maximise resident participation in social events and activities at your care home by sharing information with the customisable calendars, lifestyle lists, and easily accessible schedules.  

See insights into resident participation levels, activity popularity and resident social engagement.

Auto publish digital calendars, while also having the option to brand, style and print calendars

Engagement & Communication Management

Bring your family engagement to the next level! 
Share updates, Images & Videos: Staff can easily share moments, photos, videos & messages to family at an individual or family member level, truly connecting people to the daily journey that their loved one's experience within your service! 
Scheduled video calls: Residents can easily keep in touch with loved ones wherever they are!  Both family members and staff can schedule video calls, which are fully integrated into the platform requiring no other logins or apps to use! Push notifications notify staff/family of any call requests! 

Concierge Services & Gifting Management

This truly unique module gives residents and family members the ability to order and pay for services such as salon appointments, room service ordering, customised TV packages and content to services outside the community with the click of a button.  
Residents love this because it simplifies any ordering process; family members love it because it allows them to purchase gifts and services for their loved ones. 

Survey Management

This simple-to-use survey creator with custom options, allows you to tailor surveys however you wish!
You can publish your surveys to residents and families with the ability to download and analyse your results!
Our survey templates align with the CQC's evidence category, 'People's experience of health and care services', ensuring that you are collecting evidence that matters.   

Digital Signage

Enhance information and communications across your care home with our integrated Digital Signage module. 
The easy to use content creator allows for seamless tailored digital signage communications across each care home.  
You can: 
• Tailor content for different areas of the home 
• Enable family members to view certain content via the FamilyHub app 

What are the benefits of using ResHub?

PCS Handover
Residents, staff and families feel connected, valued and appreciated without being intrusive 
Operational excellence across your home 
PCS Empower
Provides residents with an active role in their wellbeing 
PCS Carer
Enables staff to deliver a personalised experience based on residents’ needs 
PCS Regional Manager
Intentional focus on the overall resident experience 
PCS Number one choice
PCS Group Activities

Engages, enables and empowers your care organisation to create the exceptional experience your residents deserve

PCS Relatives
Helps to reduce feelings of loneliness and involve families in a loved one's life more efficiently 
PCS Business Owner
Boosts occupancy 
PCS automatic updates
Reduces administrative work for care staff, making their lives easier 
PCS Mental Health Support
Improves resident satisfaction and extends length of stay through data-driven resident-centric care

Connected Care 

We offer a suite of integrated solutions covering the full ecosystem of care management within social care.

PCS Digital Care System-1

Digital Care System

Our system allows for flexible integration with a wide variety of our partners, providing you a complete ecosystem of care.

Person Centred Software ATLAS eMAR-1


ATLAS is the only electronic medicines management system in the UK proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency
Person Centred Software Digital Reception

Digital Reception

Digital Reception is a front of house e-reception book for visitors, staff and residents.

Oomph on demand - laptop dashboard-1

Wellbeing & Activities Platform

24-7 access to content created by experts in wellbeing, mental health, dementia, nutrition and more!