Selecting the right system for digital social care records

Where to start

Choosing a system for digital social care records will be an essential part of your digital transformation journey, as it will become the key tool for your day-to-day management of care.  

Don’t try and do everything in one go. Do it in steps and don’t try and make the process overly complicated. Sometimes, just starting will get you there quicker.

It's important that you get your staff involved in deciding which digital care system to buy, as they will be the ones using the system. The focus should be on selecting a supplier who understands your organisation. The main aim will be to build a partnership with the company that provides the digital care system.

Do some research on the most popular system for digital social care records – look at what other care providers are using and make sure they are on the Assured Supplier list. 

What is the NHS Transformation Directorate's Assured Supplier List?

The NHS Transformation Directorate has worked with care providers and digital social care record suppliers to create an Assured Supplier List – this is a list of software suppliers who have passed a rigorous selection criteria to ensure they can deliver against national specifications, that their solution meets core capabilities and that their financial position is stable.   

If you purchase a system from this list, you can be confident that they have been assured at the highest level.  Person Centred Software has been accredited by the NHS Transformation Directorate to be on the assured supplier list. 

View the Assured Supplier List


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Going beyond the core requirements

Person Centred Software use the list as the minimum entry-level requirements, not as the goal. It is important that suppliers of digital solutions aim to go above and beyond the core capabilities. With Person Centred Software’s product management process and roadmap, this is something they deliver on.

How was the Assured Supplier list created, and what did Person Centred Software have to do to get on it?

PCS Digital Care System in use

The Assured Supplier list was created by the NHS Transformation Directorate in conjunction with CASPA (The care software providers association) and it audits the key functionality needed with a digital social care system.

The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has been designed to support care providers make the switch to digital social care records quickly and easily by giving them access to a list of quality-assured, accredited suppliers. The adoption of digital social care records will play an essential role in joining up a person’s care across both social care and the NHS, with real-time information being shared across commissioners and regulators.

The accredited supplier list presents a marketplace where social care providers can be reassured their preferred digital solution has met both functional requirements and standards, helping to remove a lot of the stress from purchasing a digital social care record system. The NHS ensures Person Centred software's digital social care record system is a good piece of software to use.

Find out how we got on the Assured Suppliers List

Please note: Out of all the care management systems that provide social care and clinical software, only seven are assured by the NHS. When choosing a digital social care record system, make sure you choose a supplier who is listed on the Assured Supplier list.

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