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Currently, as it stands, the NHS Transformation Directorate (previously NHSX) is providing funding to support the digitisation of social care. The funding is to trial digital social care technology with integrated digital care systems, including:

  • Infrastructure to improve access to high-speed connectivity and devices for care providers
  • Fall prevention technologies that can reduce the frequency and severity of hospital admissions
  • Digital care records to ensure data is captured at the point of care and can be shared between care settings
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So far, 13 ICSs (integrated care systems) have received social care funding, with 30% of social care providers partially digitised (using digital care records) and 30% still using paper-based systems.

The NHS Transformation Directorate aims to significantly increase digitisation in social care by supporting the adoption of digital care systems. Digital care systems promote change, and when used by care providers, they can help people live healthy, happy, fulfilled lives.

For example, using digital care systems:

  • Reduces falls in care homes by 20% or more; these falls cost the NHS over £2 billion annually
  • Improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs while helping people monitor and manage chronic conditions
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Social care funding for digital care records

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