Leading dependency and staffing tool for care homes 

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DepenSys is an innovative web-based dependency system backed by more than 35 years of research that enables care providers to:

  • Quickly and accurately identify the specific needs of each resident. 

  • Convert these needs into the necessary time and skills required to meet them. 

  • Compare the suggested staffing levels with the actual levels.   
The system also demonstrates how the service is staffed in compliance with the Care Quality Commission in England, the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, the Care Inspectorate Wales, and other regulatory bodies requirements. 

The DepenSys dashboard stats explained


DepenSys Hours

The staffing hours calculated by the tool


Actual Hours

The staffing hours from duty rotas, shows if you are over, under or just right!


DepenSys Skilled Hours

The staffing hours calculated by the tool


Actual Skilled Hours

The skilled staffing hours from duty, shows if you are over, under or just right!


Daily Ratio
Actual day staffing ratio of the number of residents per staff


Night Ratio
Actual night staffing ratio of the number of residents per staff


Occupancy %

Calculates the percentage of beds filled


Dependency Index

Average hours per day required to meet the needs of each resident

What are the benefits of using DepenSys? 

  • Ensures staffing is matched to the residents’ needs!

  • Having the right skills mix to deliver high quality care to residents!

  • Accurately calculating the right number of staff needed on duty: by avoiding under or over staffing, care providers can optimise their staffing levels and resources!

  • Demonstrate compliance: meets regulatory requirements to have a staffing system in place!

  • Compares resident needs to fee levels; detailed information is provided on quantifying resident needs!

  • Improved transparency: Without DepenSys, it is difficult for providers to demonstrate how staffing levels meet the residents’ needs; DepenSys helps provide that transparency!
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