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St Mary’s Convent and Nursing Home

Paperless evidence of care saves time and captures more valuable information

Customer: St Mary’s Convent and Nursing Home
Location: Chiswick, London
Care home specialism: Nursing Care

‘It is easier and quicker for staff to enter care notes and we are now capturing much more information than before’.

The outcome

St Mary’s Convent and Nursing Home is a 59 bed care home in Chiswick. Since January 2016 the staff have been documenting care records and care plans using Mobile Care Monitoring, a mobile care app carried by care staff twinned with a system used by senior staff to monitor care.

How we helped

The implementation of Mobile Care Monitoring was led by Claire Picton, the nurse consultant for practice development at St Mary’s. She has a passionate interest in documentation and recording patient care. In April 2016 Claire presented the benefits of using Mobile Care Monitoring at the Royal College of Nursing’s Older Person’s Forum and British Geriatric Society Joint Conference.

Mobile Care Monitoring has reduced the administration burden of maintaining paper based records. Staff are now able to document delivered care immediately after the event and provide timely evidence. Claire says that ‘it is easier and quicker for staff to enter care notes and we are capturing much more information than before’. Most of the staff have positively embraced the new way of documentation.

Removing paper records have other benefits for St Mary’s. Claire explains that ‘it is brilliant that staff can take their device out with the resident to appointments to access information rather than taking paper or printouts that could, potentially, lead to a breach of confidentiality’.

The increase in information means that senior staff have evidence of the care delivered in an easy to audit electronic format. Managers are also able to easily review the care that has been delivered. Additionally, Claire believes ‘the facility to allow visiting specialists to log in to the system and enter their own records is fantastic’.

These staff advantages have also provided benefits for residents at St Mary’s. As staff are able to dictate into the device in front of residents, who can then be included in their documentation, this leads to a transparent culture of care documentation. Additionally, the residents can point at ‘faces’ icons to indicate their current feelings/mood. In turn, allowing residents to be better informed, increase their satisfaction with the service and keep them engaged in the community that they live in.


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