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Case Study

Having been in operation for four years now, Wood Green Nursing Home is a purpose-built, 81-bedded home divided into two care facilities. The home features 49 residential dementia beds and 32 nursing beds - 13 of which are for the elderly, and 19 are used for dementia nursing.

Located just outside Belfast in Jordanstown, the care team at Wood Green had been using a combination of digital and paper-based planning before considering a complete shift to digital

The Shift to Digital 

Mark Donnelly, director at Wood Green, spoke of his desire to make digital methods more central to their processes: “Following years of using paper-based care planning methods, over the past year or two, we have strived to try and streamline our processes and make our nursing home as digital as possible. 

During that time, we hadn’t managed to find the right fit for us. We were looking for something efficient and resourceful – essentially, a centralised system that would allow our care team to complete their tasks quickly and with more precision, allowing them to spend more quality time with residents.” 

Debby Gibson, manager at Wood Green, continues: “We were looking at changing our systems, and we had been introduced to Person Centred Software through an employee of another company that was using the technology. 

“We’re very impressed with the system. It’s taken some of the staff a while to get used to some aspects of the technology since it takes a much more person-centred approach to any systems we’ve used before.” 

The care team at Wood Green have already seen benefits from using the icon-driven Mobile Care Monitoring system: “The care staff have more time to spend with the residents, and it’s given us better accountability from the staff. For example, if there’s an incident, everything is documented, should we need the information. Now, everything is accessible for us,” says Debby. 

Discussing her experience of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Debby said: “…With Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring system, we have secure remote access from home – so it’s easier for us to have an overview of what is happening, especially for our audits, etc.” 

The team at Wood Green are enjoying the system’s capabilities to save time on admin: “The new system also means that our staff don’t have to keep working from one handset. Each of our nurses now has a mobile device, which means they can sit in the lounge and supervise and interact with the residents,” said Debby. 

The software’s wound care management features are further helping the team at Wood Green to improve resident care: “The body maps are a great feature, as they’re actually on the system and they can be amended as you go along. The wound care information itself is very thorough – and then you have the ability, at the time, to take photographs – so you don’t have to spend time looking for a camera. They’re all uploaded to the system there and then, too, eliminating the need to manually load it to a computer,” continues Debby. 

Speaking of other ways they’ve found our mobile clinical management system useful, Debby discusses how it’s helped to improve outcomes: “Mobile Care Monitoring gives us better insight into what’s going on in our home. Thanks to the software, after COVID-19 started, we were able to notice instances of weight loss amongst our residents who weren’t eating as much and were missing their families. We could then do a lot of work around that, and the monitoring system was really beneficial to us at this time.  

It’s also really useful for documenting falls using neurological observations. Once documented, the system then reminds you every so often to do regular checks.” 

From documenting intricate details regarding residents’ health to assisting with wound care management, our digital care solutions have helped Wood Green Health Care shift to more efficient care planning methods. 



Thanks to the software, we were able to notice instances of weight loss amongst our residents who weren’t eating as much and were missing their families.

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