The Relatives Gateway: Offering Peace of Mind to the Families of West Gate Nursing Home



Case Study

At Person Centred Software, we are delighted that our Relatives Gateway has offered so much reassurance to those living and working within care environments. It has meant that, during the current pandemic, residents have been able to stay in touch with their loved ones.


This week, we chatted with our lovely customer West Gate Nursing Home, a 50-bed nursing home that provides specialist dementia and end-of-life care. We spoke with them and residents’ family members about their experiences of using our software.

At West Gate, how have you been using Person Centred Software’s Relatives Gateway within your home?

We have been using Person Centred Software’s digital care system across our homes for the last three years, and have been huge advocates of the software and the Relatives Gateway.

The Relatives Gateway allows residents’ families to access their care notes and care plans, as well as a feature for securely sharing photos and messages.

A recent addition to the system is the video link option, which allows residents and their families to privately video call. This has been particularly beneficial for us recently, given the current visiting restrictions.

A few words from family members…

We’ve been fortunate enough to speak to a few family members, who have told us about their personal experiences with the Relatives Gateway.


“I find the Relatives Gateway very useful, as it keeps me up-to-date with my father’s fluid and food intake. It also lets me know whether he’s interacting with the staff, and joining in with the activities; I can gain a good understanding of how well he’s doing. It has made a massive difference to me during these difficult times. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to follow my dad’s progress. I use the Relatives Gateway roughly every hour.”


“I love the Relatives Gateway. It allows me to gain insight into my mum’s day; her eating, sleeping and behavioural patterns. It means everything especially at this time of being unable to see my mum. I think I would feel even more dreadful if it didn’t exist...”


“I find the Relatives Gateway very useful to keep updated on how Eric has been on a daily basis. If I find there are problems with him, I’m able to talk it through with him over the phone, as well as the staff. I know we are very lucky to be able to connect with Eric over the phone - and when I have been unable to reach him, the staff have been very helpful.”


“I use the Relatives Gateway either every day, or every other day. It’s very useful for keeping in touch, and sending and receiving messages…”


“...The second lockdown has made me realise, again, how lucky we have been to have the Relatives Gateway to refer to every day. I don't think it needs improving at all, you give us all the information we need. Considering all the other important work the staff has to do, it’s amazing they find the time to record it all in such detail. Thank you again for all you do for Brenda, and please keep up the great work you are doing at West Gate.”


Thank you to all at West Gate Nursing Home, and their families, for taking the time to offer their feedback on our Relatives Gateway.

To find out more about West Gate Nursing Home, do take a look at their website.

Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about our Relatives Gateway, you can read all about it on our website.

We have been using Person Centred Software’s digital care system across our homes for the last three years, and have been huge advocates of the software and the Relatives Gateway.



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