Battersea Place Retirement Village Limited


June 2017


Inspection Report

‘The provider utilised an electronic care plan system and each healthcare assistant was issued with a smartphone which they used to clock in and out, and checked off their tasks every time they visited a person to support them. This system allowed the managers to have an overview of when visits were carried out and if healthcare assistants attended visits on time. It also provided them with real-time information about the personal care tasks that had been provided at any particular time.’

‘Healthcare assistants scanned their smartphones when they entered and left a flat to carry out personal care. This uploaded data onto the care plan system so the registered manager was able to view real time information about when people had been supported. The system also allowed for alerts to notify if a visit was late or had been missed.’

‘The system was automated so when clinical staff completed a risk assessment, if the data inputted indicated a high risk there was an associated care plan in place to manage the risk. For example, one person had been identified as being at high risk following a waterlow risk assessment and they had an appropriate skin integrity care plan in place to manage the risk of developing pressure sores.’

‘Observations such as temperature, pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen, respiration and weight were recorded and could be analysed for any changes easily as they were presented electronically in a graphical format.’

‘The provider used an electronic, paperless care planning system with a mobile application that was used by the healthcare assistants. Care records were created, updated and maintained electronically. The front page of each record had a summary and a checklist and the time of when personal care tasks had last been completed. This provided a visual confirmation of the last time that people had been supported.’

‘The electronic care plan system was able to generate a hospital passport if needed. The aim of the hospital passport is to provide hospital staff with important information about people and their health when they are admitted to hospital. Any relevant notes such as therapy or GP reports were scanned into the system.’

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