Benefits of Mobile Care Monitoring at Sansa House



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Sansa House in Basingstoke uses Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring system to spend more time with service users, increase accuracy and analytics.



Since 2014, staff at Sansa House, Liaise Loddon use Mobile Care Monitoring to evidence care and support. Sansa House is a residential care home for adults with learning disabilities so staff use the system out in the community too. Two teams of seven carers plus three management staff care for five service users.

Mobile Care Monitoring implementation

Cedrina Edmonds, Registered Manager, says “the response from staff was great when we started to use Mobile Care Monitoring at Sansa House.

“They felt like we were coming up to European standards for documentation. Before, we used paper to document support.”

“The analytical side of the system is so useful when I write reports and reviews. I can quickly compare data quarter to quarter.”


Cedrina says, “Older staff took a bit longer to learn to use a handheld device to record care. But no one was resistant to using it. Everyone agreed it was a fun system to use.

“A huge benefit is recording a lot of data about service users’ support interactions at the point of delivery. I remember with our previous paper system you could only write a couple of lines. Getting lots of information recorded in the device is very valuable.”

Benefits of using a digital system for support

Sansa House care staff take the devices out into the community with them when they go out with residents. “I’ve noticed that we have so many brilliant photos from having the devices with us when we go out with the service users.” Sansa House can share these straight away with family members via the Relatives Gateway.

Alex Moldrzykova, Senior Specialist Worker says. “We get more accurate data results and also spend more time with the service users. This is because we are recording their care during the shift.”

Increased accuracy and analytics

Cedrina agrees. “Entering things as they happen rather than at the end of the day really helps with accuracy.”

Mobile Care Monitoring takes data from simple icon-driven care notes. It produces reports and analytics for management staff. The analytical side of the system is so useful when I write reports and reviews. I can quickly compare data quarter to quarter.”

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The analytical side of Mobile Care Monitoring is so useful when I write reports and reviews. I can quickly compare data quarter to quarter.

Cedrina Edmonds Registered Manager - Sansa House, Liaise Loddon


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