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Care Monitoring

Care Monitoring is a web application, which works with the Care App to measure the impact of care on a service user’s life.

Using Care Monitoring, everyone involved in monitoring care can check how well care is being delivered within any community that they have access to.

Key Benefits

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Care records are always up to date
Charts and reports filled in automatically by care records
Managers and senior staff have the information they need at all times
Retrieving and sharing information with multidisciplinary teams is quick and easy
Confidence for CQC inspections
Accurate evidence of care enables increased funding
Live feed of evidence of care
Reduced safeguarding alerts
Enables well-led, safe and responsive services

How has it helped?

Andy Kirby, manager of Oaktree Court, explains how Person Centred Software and Samsung have transformed the service. Care staff can evidence care on Mobile Care Monitoring in real-time and provide a better quality of care to residents. Part of Samsung's Healthcare Matters campaign.

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What solutions does Care Monitoring give care homes?

Carers and nurses evidence at the point of care on the Care App, which automatically populates appropriate reports and charts in the monitoring system. Care records are easy to access, and highly filterable. Using our care monitoring system, care managers and shift leaders can find the information they need with a few clicks of a mouse.
For service users that require time-sensitive care or medication, alerts for the staff delivering care, followed by alerts for the care manager make sure that crucial care is not forgotten or missed. Care managers can log in from any location with a secure password to monitor care.
Automatic dashboards to monitor everything from people’s fluid intake to ensuring that care plans are reviewed, ensures managers, owners and senior staff know that they are providing the best care possible, and highlights any aspect where improvements could be made.
Charts and reports are automatically populated from electronic evidence of care. With automatic rather than manual data entry, staff can focus on giving quality care to residents, rather than on paperwork. Managers have the tools to know if records are up-to-date, and the system provides automatic alerts if people’s needs have increased or records are incomplete. With service users’ information known by staff at all times, care homes can confidently give safe, effective, well-led, responsive care and have confidence for CQC inspections.


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